Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.

~Ronald Reagan 




 Feb 27 Dinner: Local Police & Community Mental Health Issues


Kevin_Rofidal_photo.jpgSenate District 49 Republicans are eager to hear from two local police officers with experience in balancing the needs for public safety with the personal concerns of people in our community suffering from mental health crises. Police Officers Kevin Rofidal and Scott Marks will speak to us from their experience. Learn about the challenges facing local police and initiatives they are spearheading to help such people, who are often our neighbors.

The dinner program will run from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall of the Calvary Lutheran Church, 6817 Antrim Rd, Edina, MN 55439. Those attending for speaker-only should arrive by 7.

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 Governor Candidates Spoke at January Dinner


Resized_Dinner_Attendees_Discuss_Candidates.jpgSD49 had a full house to hear from GOP Governor candidates. Over 80 people came to hear from and talk to the GOP Governor candidates on Tuesday evening, January 23. The program allowed each of the candidates or their representative to talk for several minutes. Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson led the evening off, followed by MN Representative Matt Dean, former MN GOP Chair Keith Down, and educator and Naval Reserve officer Phillip Parrish. Maple Grove mayor Mary Giuliani Stephens was unable to attend due to a commitment in Duluth, but she was representated by Gregg Peppin.

The program was not a debate forum. After the candidate remarks, attendees were able to approach each of the speakers and engage them directly. The format of the evening allowed more interaction, and everyone who had a question or point to make had an opportunity to do so.  CLICK HERE to read more.


Year in Review - Active 2017 Built Stronger SD49

2017 was a year of accomplishments and close calls.  For what is typically considered an “off-year,” the pace of activity stayed high.

Review the year with us.   Click Here.


Fall Conversation - An Enjoyable, Inspiring Evening 

Skinner_Lima_Lima_475x330.JPGA large number of supporters from inside and outside of Senate District 49 participated in our annual Fall Conversation on November 17.  Close to 80 attendees enjoyed a great selection of wines and a thoughtful and challenging panel discussion.  

In addition to MN GOP Secretary Barbara Sutter, we were honored to include special guest Janet Beihoffer, MN GOP National Committeewoman, among our attendees.

We particularly appreciated the additional donations made by several individuals who could not attend and by those that participated in the silent auction and raffle.Condon_Covnick_Witowski_438x447.JPG

Dan Condon, owner of United Liquors at 8915 Penn Avenue in Bloomington, presided over the wine tasting.  He presented his selection of five fine wines for the holidays.

Special thanks to Carol Kerr and Barbara Sutter for their work in organizing the Fall Conversation and for encouraging so many to attend.  Thanks also to the Edina Country Club for once again staging a memorable event.


How to Talk So Minnesotans Will Listen

Panel on Messaging an Inspiring Success

As a major part of the Fall Conversation, four thoughtful and articulate community leaders came together to share their thoughts on what Republican candidates need to do to get our message across.

Schultz_Winton_Koch_Anselmo5.jpgThe panelists (pictured r-l) were: 

  • Rep Dario Anselmo, Representative of Minnesota House District 49A (Edina). 
  • Amy Koch, Chair of the Minnesota Conservative Energy Forum and the former Senate Majority Leader. 
  • Cam Winton, Director of Energy and Labor-Management Policy at the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce and former Minneapolis mayoral candidate,
  • Meredith Schultz, moderator, a rising leader at a national policy think tank.

Our panelists addressed five current topics:  minimum wage, renewable energy, education, criminal justice, and advice for Republican candidates.

$15 Minimum Wage

Winton:  When asked about the minimum wage, Republicans should stress their support for both “wage ladders” and “safety nets”.  We value free enterprise.  We hold that everyone should “climb that ladder.”  We recognize the importance of income safety nets.  However, the safety net is there to bounce people back onto the ladders, not permanently support them.

Koch:  Small business owners are the backbone of our economy.  They care deeply for their employees.  We need to stress that they also must work very hard to keep their doors open.  We need to support them in balancing these two concerns.  Some of the current minimum wage initiatives actually hurt the people that they are meant to help.

Anselmo:  The minimum wage laws are like performing surgery with a butter knife.  A better alternative is the Earned Income Tax Credit, which targets workers without penalizing small business owners.  We need to support means of expanding the credit.

CLICK HERE to continue reading the panelists’ thoughts on renewable energy, education, criminal justice reform, and ways for Republican candidates to appeal to all Minnesotans.



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