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Legislator Pay Amendment on Ballot - Why Vote No 

Our ballot this year will include a state constitutional amendment to establish a commission whose purpose is to set the compensation payable to Minnesota state legislators.  Today, the legislators themselves must vote whether or not to increase their pay. 

As you may be uncertain how you should vote on this proposed amendment, we offer you MN Rep. Matt Dean's advice, which he posted on FACEBOOK, September 21, 2016.

You should vote NO on the legislator pay increase amendment on your ballot this November.  Here is why:

The lawmakers pushing this want to get more pay. But the way the law is written makes it look like if you vote YES you are voting to stop us from doing that very thing. That’s duplicitous.  It’s wrong.  But that’s what government is becoming.  Politicians who publicly pretend to fight against that which they work with the other party to privately enact.

In Minnesota, our base salary is about $31,000/year.

To understand “why vote no”, read the full article on our Opinion page  CLICK HERE


Local Issues In the Spotlight

Edina Puts Costly Huge Ski Trail at Braemar on Hold Click Here

Bloomington Council, Islamic Center Need to Respond To Neighborhood Concerns Click Here


Sign Up for Candidate Lawn Signs

Now is a good time to let Erik Paulsen, Frank Drake, Mike Lehmann, Dario Anselmo, and Max Rymer know that you will display their lawn sign this campaign season.  When you post a candidate lawn sign in your yard, it helps the candidate build name recognition, and it reflects your support. 

Example_Lawn_Sign.jpgPlease contact the candidates or their volunteer staff directly.  Let them know if you’d like them to install the sign.  Depending on the sign, they are normally happy to do so.

Erik Paulsen (Congressional District 3): http://paulsenforcongress.com/get-involved/

Frank Drake (Congressional District 5): Frank@frankdrakeforcongress.org

Michael Lehmann (Senate District 49):  mlehmann55@comcast.net

Dario Anselmo (House District 49A):  anselmo4house@gmail.com  

Max Rymer (House District 49B):  info@maxforhouse.com


SD 49 GOP endorses Lehmann, Anselmo and Rymer

The Senate District 49 Republicans met on Saturday, April 9, 2016 and unanimously endorsed three strong candidates for the Minnesota Senate and House. 

  • For Senate District 49:  Michael Lehmann (Click here to learn more)
  • For House District 49A:  Dario Anselmo (Click here to learn more)
  • For House District 49B:  Maxwell Rymer (Click here to learn more)


SWLRT Key to Met Council’s Plan for Urban Densities in the Suburbs

Metro_Transit_Light_Rail.jpgThe Southwest Light Rail Transit plan is the latest power grab by the big government planners at the Metropolitan Council.  Accountable to no-one but the Governor, the Metropolitan Council is intent on re-imagining our lives through centralized planning.  The central feature of this centralized planning is ever increasing levels of light rail transit.  While some refer to the “dream” of light rail, the reality is more like a nightmare.

The so-called “Green Line Extension,” otherwise known as the Southwest Light Rail Transit (SWLRT), appeared to be in jeopardy when the Minnesota legislature did not approve $144.5 million in state funding for it.  However, in a calculated political move, Gov Dayton bypassed the legislature.  He got three metropolitan boards to come up with the funding instead.

To read how SWLRT is critical to the central planning vision of Dayton and the Met Council, CLICK HERE.


Update:  Franchise Fees, Taxes in Disguise


On August 24 the MN Supreme Court unanimously decided against the City of St. Paul and for two churches that appealed their right-of-way (ROW) fee assessments, deciding that these were indeed taxes.

That decision may, eventually, open the door for nonprofits to challenge the pass-through utility Franchise Fee schemes that have become popular ways for cities like Bloomington and Edina to fund road, sidewalk and trail repairs without constraining discretionary budgets or increasing property taxes.

While the cities of Bloomington and Edina have made no comment on the court decision, the City of Duluth is wisely not waiting for someone to file a separate lawsuit on their Franchise Fees that are directed towards general city services like road repair.  Instead Duluth is responsibly and proactively making plans to adjust tax levies and their budget priorities to ensure non-Franchise Fee funding for such core city services

CLICK HERE for our article with more information.  

In a 3-part series we highlighted Bloomington’s Excessive new Franchise Fees, equivalent to a 14% property tax increase, and the Utility Fee Add-On that added a half-million-dollar surplus each year to the “Solid Waste / Curbside Cleanup” program fund.  Here are links to those 3 articles.

Part 1:  Bloomington Imposing Franchise Fees for Road and Trail Maintenance

Part 2:  Bloomington Franchise Fees Tax Everyone

Part 3:  Bloomington’s Excessive Utility Fee Add-Ons





Did You Know....

171 programs in Minnesota provide tax credits, rebates and other incentives that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency. See the list here.

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