Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.

~Ronald Reagan


 Walk with us in Bloomington’s Heritage Days Parade Sept 17

Heritage_Days_Parade_2015_3_392x266.jpgJoin Republicans from Senate Districts 49 and 50 in demonstrating our spirit for Bloomington’s Heritage Days Parade on Saturday, September 17.    

Come out and show your support for Mike Lehmann and Max Rymer, two of our Senate District 49 candidates, who will be walking with us. They will have t-shirts for those that want to help them greet voters on the route.

This is a family-friendly event.  Children are welcome to walk the parade with us. 

For more information and to let us know you’re coming, please CLICK HERE


Sign Up for Candidate Lawn Signs

Now is a good time to let Erik Paulsen, Frank Drake, Mike Lehmann, Dario Anselmo, and Max Rymer know that you will display their lawn sign this campaign season.  When you post a candidate lawn sign in your yard, it helps the candidate build name recognition, and it reflects your support. 

Example_Lawn_Sign.jpgPlease contact the candidates or their volunteer staff directly.  Let them know if you’d like them to install the sign.  Depending on the sign, they are normally happy to do so.

Erik Paulsen (Congressional District 3): http://paulsenforcongress.com/get-involved/

Frank Drake (Congressional District 5): Frank@frankdrakeforcongress.org

Michael Lehmann (Senate District 49):  mlehmann55@comcast.net

Dario Anselmo (House District 49A):  anselmo4house@gmail.com  

Max Rymer (House District 49B):  info@maxforhouse.com


Edina Proposes Costly Huge Ski Trail, Snow Making at Braemar

The Edina City Council is speeding toward a September 7 vote on a proposed $3 million change to Braemar Golf Course that would significantly impact adjacent properties and roads, especially Gleason Road.

No, it’s not a “done deal,” and the Council hasn’t voted on it yet. But ski trails are marked off, and approximately $175,000 of tax money has already been spent in exploring this—the feasibility study. And the vote will happen weeks—not months—from now.

On July 13, many residents of southwest Edina learned for the first time about a proposed re-development of a portion of the Braemar Golf Course to add Nordic ski trails and a tubing hill. If adopted by the Edina City Council on September 7, the proposed $3 million project would construct a  2.2 kilometer Nordic ski trail around the perimeter of the golf course. In addition, a 11-lane tubing hill would be created roughly where kids and families now informally (and at no cost) tube in winter months. 

Rather than refine existing trails frugally and sensibly, the project represents a fundamental rework of the landscape at Braemar. To create the proposed 50-foot wide ski trail (yes, 50-feet wide), construction would begin as early as October 2016, so as to “take advantage of the fact that the [golf] course renovation is already underway.”

To continue reading about the impact of this proposed development on the neighborhoods near Braemar and on Edina taxpayers, CLICK HERE 


Comprehensive Planning Underway Driven by Met Council

By 2018, each city in the 7-county Metro area is expected to complete what’s called a “Comprehensive Plan”, required by state law. These plans are fully revisited / revised every 10 years and the last round was completed in 2008. The unelected Met Council sets the framework and assumptions for these plans and specifies what categories of content and level of detail makes a plan “acceptable”. This time, the assignment is to look at the metro area needs across the next 20 – 25 years, out to 2040. Work has begun on the plans in 3 of the 4 cities in SD49 and citizen involvement will be needed this summer.

Estimated population and housing needs drive much of the planning. The Met Council has established specific city-by-city targets for growth, particularly in the areas of low-to-moderate-income housing growth by 2030.

CLICK HERE to read about SD49 city planning assumptions and how you can get involved.


 Gov Dayton vetoes Tax Relief for MN Middle Class

Gov. Dayton has vetoed the bipartisan tax bill.   He created another St Paul Stand-off that didn’t need to happen.  The Governor is citing a wording error in the bill’s language as justification for playing politics.

MN_Middle_Class.JPGThe bill contained middle class tax cuts, property tax relief for small businesses and farmers, and some tax incentives that will diversify the Iron Range’s economy.  At $259 million, it represented less than a third of the projected 2016 budget surplus, but it would have delivered on a Republican promise to turn a portion of that surplus into tax relief for Minnesotans.  It was a bill that passed with overwhelming bi-partisan support in the House and Senate. It passed in the House 123-10. It passed in the Senate 55-12.  Republicans certainly “worked across the aisle” to get very worthwhile results.

So worthwhile that Gov Dayton is now using the tax bill as a bargaining chip.  He is bargaining that Republicans will agree to more spending and possibly higher taxes to secure his agreement to call a special session on the bonding bill.

Should Republicans yield in this game of political brinksmanship? To read further, CLICK HERE.


 SD 49 GOP endorses Lehmann, Anselmo and Rymer

The Senate District 49 Republicans met on Saturday, April 9, 2016 and unanimously endorsed three strong candidates for the Minnesota Senate and House. 

  • For Senate District 49:  Michael Lehmann (Click here to learn more)
  • For House District 49A:  Dario Anselmo (Click here to learn more)
  • For House District 49B:  Maxwell Rymer (Click here to learn more)


GOP Proposes Cap on State Debt

Claims and Counter Claims on State BorrowingMNHouse-NoGasTax.jpg

Little progress has been made public on the transportation bill, tax relief, or the bonding bill.  Instead, the media has recently printed a number of claims and counter-claims.  Republicans want to prioritize spending and limit borrowing to sustainable levels.  Gov. Dayton and the DFL-controlled Senate, with support from the Star Tribune, continue to push for major increases in the level of state borrowing. 

Read on to learn how the DFL bonding proposal means higher debt without promised jobs.


Bloomington's New Tax: Franchise Fees

Franchise Fees: a bad idea (even if everybody does it)

Bloomington residents, nonprofits and churches started seeing a city Franchise Fee on their Excel and CenterPoint Energy bills in March.  With these new “taxes in disguise”, they joined the 85% of the residents of Hennepin County who are already subject to franchise fees. This includes neighbors from the cities of Edina, Eden Prairie, Minnetonka and Richfield.

In a 3-part series, we’ve highlighted Bloomington’s Excessive new Franchise Fees, equivalent to a 14% property tax increase, and the Utility Fee Add-On that added a half-million-dollar surplus each year to the “Solid Waste / Curbside Cleanup” program fund.  Here are links to those 3 articles.

Part 1:  Bloomington Imposing Franchise Fees for Road and Trail Maintenance

Part 2:  Bloomington Franchise Fees Tax Everyone

Part 3:  Bloomington’s Excessive Utility Fee Add-Ons

Similar fees in other Minnesota cities are being challenged in court, and a decision on whether they are unconstitutional  is expected this summer.  A cross-sector discussion of the case was held in June at Hamline University  -  City Fees on Nonprofits:  A Tax by Any Other Name? 


 Voting. Duty, Choice, Something Else?


forest.jpgHenry Rymer has written a thoughtful piece that asks you to consider the impact  of local candidates when deciding whether to vote this year.  CLICK HERE to read it on "Max for House", Max Rymer's campaign website.  Be sure to look around while you're there! 


Early Learning Scholarships vs Universal Pre-K

Eric Strobel's look at Closing the Achievement Gap: 

Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”  -Vladimir Lenin

Like Comrade Lenin, Governor Dayton understands that the key to controlling the hearts and minds of Minnesotans to is control education and that the longer the government can control education, the “better”.  In that vein, Governor Dayton, with the committed support of SD49 Senator Melisa Franzen and Representatives Ron Erhardt and Paul Rosenthal, has been working tirelessly to expand the size and scope of Minnesota’s government, insisting that we all provide what he calls “free” education to younger and younger Minnesotans.  Governor Dayton, of course, prefers to claim that he is trying to close the “achievement gap” and that he is doing it “for the children.” In truth, he and his legislative minions are trying to move Minnesota even closer to Lenin’s paternalistic dream of cradle to grave big government.   

Click here to read the full article.  


Seen on the Better Ed website

Devin Foley's critical analyses:

"Minneapolis' Failure to Educate"

school_choice_matters_billboard_v4.jpg As you can see by the statistic shared on our billboard above, which is located directly across the street from the Minneapolis Public Schools' district headquarters, the plight of Black students in the district is absolutely unacceptable. Minneapolis has given all manner of excuses, promises, and "new" plans for years and years, yet little changes. And that's while spending an average of $21,000 or more per student each year

Click here to read moreredbluedivider

Taxation without Representation Again?  Meet the Metropolitan Council

Eric Strobel's op ed:

Taxation without representation, the rallying cry for the American Revolution, is alive and well in Minnesota.   The Metropolitan Council, an unelected, unaccountable regional super government, controls an ever growing part of the lives of over 4 million residents of the Twin Cities metro area on a daily basis but is only accountable to one of those residents, the governor.

 Click here to read more


Seen in the Star Tribune

Katherine Kersten's op ed:

The Met Council's stamp on housing: Do we really want to live like this? 

 The Metro area is a great place for ordinary folks to buy a house -- but likely not for much longer

 Click here to read more


Did You Know....

171 programs in Minnesota provide tax credits, rebates and other incentives that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency. See the list here.

Click here for more Did You Know.... 



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