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Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.

~Ronald Reagan


March with us in Edina’s July 4th Parade!

Kerr_Convertible_w_Elephant_510x302.JPGBe a part of a great local 4th of July tradition.  Edina hosts a parade that celebrates veterans, local politicians and community organizations.  It is a colorful, patriotic event that is enjoyed by large crowds lining the parade route.  We in SD 49 have been a part of this tradition for as long as we can remember. 

Join fellow Republicans in showing our colors and our enthusiasm.  This is an easy walk of about a mile in length.  All it takes is 3 hours, from 9:00 am -- 12:00 pm.  We start near the Edina Community Center, go north to city hall, and end about a block west of the 50th and France intersection in Edina.  We plan to have a banner, signs and our elephant mascot riding on the back of a red convertible. 

Come out for the fun, the spectacle, and great camaraderie.  It’s an opportunity to spend time with friends, to support our candidate and get a little exercise. 

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP.  Be a part of our colorful parade team.  Bring your kids!


Spring Conversation Answers “How are We Doing, With MN Legislative Majority?”


Great food in a beautiful, relaxed setting and excellent discussions with others from SD49 had all of the attendees prepared to hear from, and interact with, the panel at the Spring Conversation fundraiser May 12.

Our panel of three experts -- David Hahn (former Minority Leader of the Senate), Kim Crockett (Executive Vice President, Center of the American Experiment), and Kurt Zellers (former Speaker of the House) - provided political and policy insights as they tackled the first set of key questions posed by moderator & SD49 GOP Co-Chair Randy Sutter:  We Republicans elected a majority in both houses of the Minnesota Legislature.  The session has a bit more than a week remaining.  How are we doing?  Have we accomplished enough to satisfy voters?  Will we be in a good position for the 2018 races?

The consensus was: given Democrat Governor Dayton’s negotiating style and veto promises (since fulfilled), this Legislative session’s results are likely to disappoint most voters. Voters had high expectations for changes and those won’t happen this session.  The negative effects on the next election could be less if the party does better in several areas.  These include: communicating the process barriers, setting better expectations, putting longer-term strategies in place, and celebrating the victories that were achieved.

To read more about the thought-provoking panel discussion, please CLICK HERE.



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