Come to Caucus Tuesday, March 1st

What is a Caucus?

A caucus is a neighborhood meeting and the first step in Minnesota's 2016 election!  Your vote at caucus determines how many of Minnesota's presidential delegates go to each presidential candidate.  And you can vote for district convention delegates and party platform resolutions.

 Who can participate in a Republican caucus:

  • Are you eligible to vote? You do not need to be registered to vote, but you must be eligible to vote, including being 18 years old or older, on Election Day, November 8th.
  • Agree with the principles of the Republican Party? If you agree with the general principles of the Republican Party, will vote for Republicans or the Republican nominee in the upcoming election you can participate.
  • Willing to attend in person? There's no absentee or drive-by voting for Republican caucus voters.  You'll need to come to your neighborhood's (precinct's) meeting room, sign-in (i.e., register for caucus) and vote in person.


  • 6:15 pm Registration opens.  Due to the large anticipated turn-out, traffic may be heavy and parking at caucus locations may be limited.  SD49 Caucus participants should arrive at or soon after 6:15 pm to locate their caucus rooms and register. 
  • 7:00 pm Caucuses convene.  Late arrivals much after this may find that the window to cast a vote has closed.

Where:  Residents in precincts within Senate District 49 will caucus in one of two locations:   

  • Bloomington Republicans will caucus with their precincts at Thomas Jefferson High School, 4001 W 102nd St, Bloomington.  Note that Bloomington SD50 Republicans will also caucus here.
  • Edina, Eden Prairie and Minnetonka Republicans that reside within Senate District 49 will caucus at South View Middle School,  4725 Southview Lane, Edina. 
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New for 2016: MN Caucus Vote Commits National Delegates to Candidates

3 Reasons to Attend Your March 1 Caucus:

1)   Your voice makes a direct difference.

This year, your caucus vote for a Presidential candidate will be added to those from all precincts across the district and state, and actually commit/bind delegates to the Republican National Convention to candidates, for the first round.  

The MN GOP website explains the process of converting the straw poll to delegates as follows: 

"Minnesota's 38 national delegates will be proportionally bound according to the straw poll taken on March 1. 2016.  Three (3) national delegates will be elected in each congressional district and proportionally bound according to the straw poll results in each respective congressional district.  The eleven (11) delegates elected at the MN Republican State Convention (Duluth, May 20,21) plus the three delegates automatically allocated to the three MN RNC members -- the National Committeewoman, National Committeeman, and State Party Chairman -- will be bound according to the statewide straw poll results."

It’s a big change from Caucus “straw polls” of the past.  Being part of history is worth leaving home for 3 hours!

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Republican Precinct Caucuses Set for March 1st

Republican Caucus planning is now in full swing in every community throughout the State of Minnesota.  It is at the caucuses that we select our Precinct leadership and our Republican district convention delegates.   In addition, for the first time, our Presidential Preference Ballot will be a part of the “Super Tuesday” primary and caucus polls.  The outcome of our balloting could have an strong impact on which candidates continue their campaigns for the Republican Presidential endorsement.  Expect more details on this in the near future.

When and Where will my Caucus  be Held?

Note that the Caucus are not held at our typical election polling places.  Our Senate District 49 team has reserved two locations for the March 1st event:   

-   All Bloomington Republicans will caucus with their precincts at Thomas Jefferson High School in Bloomington.

-   Edina, Eden Prairie and Minnetonka Republicans that reside within Senate District 49 will caucus at South View Middle School in Edina.

The caucuses will officially convene at 7 p.m. on March 1st.  However, we anticipate a strong interest in these meetings, with a good turn-out.  We urge you to arrive early, to give yourself time to park, to find your caucus room, and to sign-in.  Whether your caucus is held at Thomas Jefferson High School or at South View Middle School, the doors will open at 6:15 p.m. Caucus registration will take place in the room assigned to your precinct.

What’s my Precinct?

Now is a good time to verify the number of your precinct.  CLICK HERE and use your address to find your precinct number. 

Can I lend a hand?

The success of our caucus will depend on having a volunteer team in place on March 1st.  If you have attended Republican caucuses in Minnesota before, please consider volunteering to help.  We expect new faces and are seeking Greeters to help people find their precinct room location. Also, our Precinct Caucus Conveners and Secretaries will need help signing people in for the evening. We will provide training in February.

CLICK HERE to Sign up to be a Greeter.

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