Edina School Board - Candidates Must File Soon

Edina will not hold mayor or city council elections this year; it will hold school board elections.

If you are interested in your local schools and the quality of the education they are providing, you should seriously consider running for the school board in your district. The window of time to explore what it will take is getting short.

Edina School District 273 school board will have four spots up for election. Questions regarding affidavits of candidacy for the Edina School Board should be directed to Margo Bauck, 942-848-4004 or email Margo.Bauck@edinaschools.org.

UPDATED INFORMATION Edina has published the filing period, August 1 - August 15.  For more information see the District website page CLICK HERE

The Senate District 49 Candidate Search committee will be open to talk with candidates that seek our support. If you are considering running, or if you are willing to volunteer and to help with these campaigns, please contact Randy Sutter (952-835-8917) or Mike Lehmann (612-839-0761).

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