Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.

~Ronald Reagan 


 MN Voters Alliance Featured at April 24 Evening Program

Andy_Cilek_2016_03.JPGThe Minnesota Voters Alliance has reached some impressive milestones in the last four months in their campaign to protect free speech and promote voter integrity.  Andy Cilek, the executive director of the MN Voters Alliance, will be our featured speaker on Tuesday evening, April 24.

Cilek announced recently that the MN Voters Alliance will soon be issuing updates on three important developments:

* The lawsuit against DFL Secretary of State Steve Simon for refusing to release Public Voter Data

* Efforts to gain access to non-citizen data from federal agencies to compare to registered voter lists

* New evidence of ineligible voting in the 2016 election in Minnesota

In addition, Andy will tell us about their case before the U.S. Supreme Court claiming that a Minnesota law that broadly bans all political apparel at the polling place violates our First Amendment rights.

Andy last spoke to us two years ago, and he is a highly engaging and knowledgeable speaker.  April 24 promises to be a very exciting evening,

Starting this month, the meal offered will be sandwiches, chips, dessert, and a beverage.  Please RSVP so we can order enough.

The evening program will run from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall of the Calvary Lutheran Church, 6817 Antrim Rd, Edina, MN 55439

redbluedivider.pngErik Paulsen and Jennifer Zielinski Endorsed for Congress

Eric_Paulsen-3.jpgUS Congressman Erik Paulsen was endorsed to represent Minnesota’s Third Congressional District on April 14. The five-term Republican is a member of the Ways and Means Committee, which has jurisdiction over health care, economic and trade policy and is the chief tax writing committee in the House of Representatives. He is also on the Joint Economic Committee and is co-chair of the House Medical Technology Caucus.

The CD 5 Republican Convention endorsed Jennifer Zielinski on April 21 to challenge Keith Ellison for Congress. Jennifer has been active in the Republican Party since 2010. She has held positions as precinct Jennifer_Zielinski2.jpgchair, BPOU deputy chair, Secretary for the Minneapolis City Committee and ran for the Minneapolis Park Board. She has worked on the last two congressional campaigns of David Daggett and Frank Drake.

Jennifer has lived in the Twin Cities her whole life. She attended the University of Minnesota. She now works in a clinical role at a hospital.

She will challenge Ellison on strong Republican principles like showing up to vote and representing the people of the 5th Congressional district. Contact her at jen4congress@gmail.com.

Paulsen and Zielinski will need the support of everyone in their congressional districts to be successful. We need to work hard this year to get out the vote and turn Minnesota Red.


Legislative Update by MN House Republicans

minnesotacapitol.jpgOn Saturday, April 21, the House Tax Committee posted legislation (HF 4385) simplifying Minnesota’s tax code to fully benefit from recent federal tax reform and provide additional tax relief to middle-class Minnesotans. In addition to tax conformity, the centerpiece of our bill is a historic second tier income tax rate reduction.

As a result of House Republicans’ proposal, more than 2.1 million Minnesota filers will benefit from a tax cut in tax year 2018. Highlights include:
•  Helping middle-class Minnesotans keep more of what they earn by cutting the second tier income tax rate from 7.05% to 6.75% by tax year 2020. This would mark the first income tax rate reduction in Minnesota since 2000.
•  Lowering taxes for people at all income levels by increasing the standard deduction from $13,000 to $14,000.
•  Protecting families by preserving a state personal and dependent exemption of $4,150.
•  Encouraging affordable homeownership by allowing a state-itemized deduction of up to $30,000 in property taxes.
•  Supporting hometown businesses and farmers by reinvesting extra revenue from corporate tax changes into Section 179 conformity and overall rate reductions.

In contrast to House Republicans’ proposal to simplify and reduce taxes, a new analysis conducted by the Minnesota Department of Revenue shows that tax changes proposed in the governor's supplemental budget would raise taxes on Minnesotans of every income level, and make Minnesota's tax code more regressive.

Federal tax reform presented a significant opportunity to simplify our state tax code. House Republicans’ goal from the onset was holding as many Minnesotans harmless as possible and preventing headaches for filers next year. Paired with surplus dollars, our proposal delivers broad tax relief to the middle-class including the first income tax rate cut in nearly 20 years.

CLICK HERE to read of additional solutions offered by Republicans.


This Year MN Legislature can address School Safety, Drunk Driving, Tobacco and More


Anselmo2_392x627.jpgWe’ve reached the halfway point of the 2018 legislative session, and I wanted to share an update about some of the important issues I’ve been working on at the Capitol for Edina families, taxpayers, schools and citizens this session.

First, one of the top concerns Edina residents are contacting me about this session is guns and school safety. As a parent and a legislator, keeping our kids safe is a top priority. That’s why I am a co-author of legislation to strengthen background checks for purchasing weapons and am advocating for commonsense gun reform at the Capitol this year.

In addition to gun law reforms, the House is advancing a comprehensive $50 million school safety package to help keep kids safe. The plan includes an array of proposals, giving districts the flexibility to assess their unique needs and fund measures that will best serve their students and schools. That can include assessing and making critical security upgrades to facilities, hiring more school counselors, bringing in a school resource officer and providing critical mental health resources for students.

Legislation I’m spearheading is included in the proposal, funding suicide prevention training for teachers that will help educators learn how to engage and assist students who are experiencing mental distress. Keeping our kids safe is a priority we all share, and I think there are a number of commonsense ideas moving forward at the Capitol this session.

CLICK HERE to continue reading about Anselmo’s work to limit tobacco sales, strength drunk driving laws, and protecting our environment.


Republicans Should Stand for Cleaner and Cheaper Energy  

Mike_Franklin_March_Dinner_Speaker.jpgMike Franklin, from the Minnesota Conservative Energy Forum (MNCEF), spoke to an attentive group of SD49 Republicans at our March 27 dinner meeting.

He spoke passionately, advocating that Republican candidates would have a winning message if they pushed for cleaner and cheaper energy.  It would also be an economic benefit for Minnesota households & businesses.

The public utilities monopoly on energy production and the distribution grid can be compared with the telephone system of the 1960's when, if you wanted a telephone, you leased it from the phone company, and you had no choices (other than "call / don't call") for the high long-distance calling rates.  Energy production and distribution has also been managed based on a sole-source, over-regulated, protected-pricing model.  MN CEP believes that technology has advanced to the point that it is possible to instead use a free-market model.  "All of the Above" is both cost-effective and a winning message when it comes to energy sources.

Clean energy has been a winning issue for progressives in Minnesota, because they trapped Republicans with a "false choice" of competing values (clean vs cheap, hart to the environment vs proven energy sources).  Only the government and large energy monopolies could successfully manage these choices.  Increasingly, younger Americans feel the priority should be to develop alternative energy sources, and only conservative Republicans believe that the priority should go to expanding production of oil, coal, and natural gas.

Franklin argues that, as Republicans, we should

  • Ask if a market-based model can deliver energy more efficiently than the sole-source model
  • Assume that those who stand to benefit should bear more of the risk than the tax-payers do now
  • Eliminate regulatory constraints that clash with the first two points
  • Be skeptical of those who believe that the Government should bear the risk of failure
  • Be open to clean energy under acceptable circumstances, without subsidies

CLICK HERE to read further about the MN CEF presentation.


SD49 Learns: Local Police & Community Mental Health Issues

Officer_Kevin_Rofidal_for_Newsletter.jpgSenate District 49 Republicans listened intently February 27 as two local police officers spoke of the growing role that they and their departments are playing in responding to people in our community suffering from mental health crises.

Officer_Scott_Marks_for_newsletter.jpgEdina Police Officer Kevin Rofidal (left) and Minnetonka Police Officer Scott Marks (right) spoke about the sharp growth in the mental health calls for Service that their departments have been getting. Edina has seen such calls go from 49 in 2013 to 163 in 2016 and 154 in 2017. The trend in Minnetonka is similar, growing from 83 calls in 2005 to 391 calls in 2017, with only 6 of those resulting in an arrest.

The increase in calls is attributed to:
• people more willing to request help
• child protection calls due to parent drug use/mental health
• therapists calling 911 when a patient is a threat to self or others (handled as a medical emergency for hospitalization rather than an arrest).
• perhaps, in part, the nonstop TV news, with 24 hours repetition of bad events.

The 1963 Community Mental Health Act was intended to base treatment in more community-oriented settings rather than inpatient / institutionalized care. Laws to protect civil rights were strengthened and 90% of psychiatric hospital beds were eliminated. But people ended up in jails instead. Currently 1/3 to 1/2 of all MN inmates are on medication for mental health.

Police officers aren’t mental health experts by trade. To deal with the growing number of mental health calls, our police forces are
• offering training courses to allow officers to hone the skills needed in mental health situations
• developing partnerships with metropolitan organizations better equipped to deal with the underlying issues

CLICK HERE to continue reading about actions being taken by our Police Departments to respond to the growing number of mental health calls.redbluedivider.png

 Year in Review - Active 2017 Built Stronger SD49

2017 was a year of accomplishments and close calls.  For what is typically considered an “off-year,” the pace of activity stayed high.

Review the year with us.   Click Here.



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