Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.

~Ronald Reagan 


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On October 2, 2021 the Republican Party of Minnesota will elect a new Chair. 

On September 23, Republican leaders of Senate Districts 49, 50, and 57 are hosting an in-depth look at how we can build a stronger, more dynamic and more inclusive party under new party leadership at Bethany Church in Bloomington.

David Hann and Jerry Dettinger will lead our discussion. David was the former minority leader of the MN Senate and architect of the Republican effort in 2016 to retake the senate majority. Jerry is a successful entrepreneur who has built and led several companies in and around the Twin Cities. Their different life experiences and viewpoints should provide valuable perspectives on the challenges and opportunities ahead.

This moderated conversation is a great way for you, our party activists and grassroots leaders, to pursue what the party should do and can do. We will use the best of your questions to stimulate the discussion. Join us to learn how we can encourage new ideas, build a better team, and move forward in a new and more positive direction.

The cost is $15 for in person or $10 for Zoom attendees.

CLICK HERE for more information and to register.


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Kim Crockett provides insights and achievable action steps.

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State_Capitol_Dome.jpgWhat’s in the MN Budget?

From the initial summary to more details, we’ve given you info and recommendations of how to learn more.

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Critical_Race_Theory_red_background.jpgCritical Race Theory Deserves the Criticism It’s Getting

Doug Seaton’s Op-Ed Critical Race Theory Deserves the Criticism It’s Getting 

Additional background :

Kendall Qualls Takes Charge Against Critical Race Theory 
Critical Race Theory Advocates Would Deepen Divide
Push Back on Leftists’ Themes 

Red_Vote_Box.jpgMunicipal Elections – Who Will Be On Your Ballot This Fall

Check out our listing of Local Elections 

Op-Ed – Are Minnetonka Voters Aware of Who is Running for Council and Mayor? 

Bloomington Candidates and Election News & Opinions


Over 90 Attended the SD49 & 50 Family Picnic

Kathy_Kranz_SD50_Chair1.jpgAlthough Sunday, August 8th started out damp and cloudy, the annual family picnic sponsored by the Republicans of Senate Districts 49 and 50 proved a great success.  Some 93 Republicans from across Bloomington, Edina, Richfield, Eden Prairie, Chanhassen, Minnetonka, Plymouth, Blaine, and Woodbury enjoyed some good food and great speeches.

Attendees were welcomed by the co-chairs of SD49 (Pam Tucholke and Joel Quinnell) and the co-chairs of SD50 (Kathy Kranz and Jim Lund)

For the first time, picnickers enjoyed special smoked BBQ by MJ Barbecue, thanks to the special smoking skills of Louis Dennard and his wife.  The BBQ pork and chicken was accompanied by our traditional roasted corn on the cob, complements of Tom Hulting and Ric Davies.

In addition to good food and fellowship, a number of candidates spoke for a few minutes about their campaigns. 

Click here to learn about the speakers at the picnic


UMLC:  Fighting for Liberty and Rule of Law


The Pints & Pent-up on-line forum held on May 19 featured the impactful work being done by Doug Seaton and James Dickey.  These two attorneys are the litigating power behind the Upper Midwest Law Center.  

The UMLC is a center-right, non-profit, public interest law firm willing to take on legal battles in Minnesota when public officials and government unions exceed their authority and infringe on personal liberties.  Their work is particularly important when officials, elected to uphold our laws, act counter to those laws.

The UMLC is 100% donor-funded.  Their mission is to take cases that they believe advance values of liberty, equality under the law, the rule of law, constitutional limitation on government authority, and limitation on government union abuses.  The forum highlighted the important cases that are being pursued on behalf of individuals who would not be able otherwise to seek redress due to the ever-increasing expense of attorney fees. 

Attorney James Dickey summarized seven of their recent legal actions:

Stop the Defunding of the Minneapolis Police (Spann v. Minneapolis City Council) – The Minneapolis City Charter requires that the City fund and employ a minimum number of employees of the “police force” equal to a specific percentage of the population of the city. Based on that formula, Minneapolis should be employing 751 officers.  Currently, there are fewer than 650 officers active and enforcing the laws.  The judge in the case ruled that the Mayor Frey and Council President Lisa Bender may be deposed.  UMLC found that the number of officers will continue to dwindle absent Court intervention.

Click Here to read more about the other recent cases.


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