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~Ronald Reagan 



Dates for Your 2022 Calendar

We encourage you to add these dates to your own calendar. Watch for event-announcements of convention registration details about a month before each one. We also ask that you set aside some time to actively participate in the local political processes that affect your daily life with policies and taxes.

All voters will have these races on their general election ballot:

U.S. Representative      Governor & Lt. Governor
Secretary of State      State Auditor      Attorney General
State Senator      State Representative      Judicial seats

Voters may also have one or more of these races on their ballot:
City Officers, School Board Members, Local ballot questions

- Feb 1, 2022 - 7 - 9 PM (doors open at 6:30) - Caucus -. SD49 Republicans will conduct Governor straw-poll at Caucus. Bloomington precincts meet at Jefferson High School, Edina precincts and Minnetonka P-01B & P-01C, Eden Prairie P-08 meet at Southview Middle School.

- Feb 15 – Redistricting Maps finalized / published – Check whether you’re in a different precinct, MN Senate or MN House District or Congressional District.

- Mar 19 - SD49 Endorsing Convention, time TBD, Bethany Church, Bloomington

- Apr 23 - CD3 Endorsing Convention, time TBD, in Wayzata

- May 13-14 - MN GOP State Central Committee (5/13), MN GOP State Convention (5/13- 5/14) , Mayo Civic Center, Rochester MN

- Jun 24 – Aug 8 - Early Voting for Primary - Vote by mail or in person

- Aug 9 - Primary Election Day

- Sep 23 – Nov 7 – Early Voting - Vote by mail or in person



Opportunities to Meet with Candidates

2022 promises to be an active year in local and state politics, with candidates running for city councils, the state legislature, state-wide offices (like the Governor, Attorney General, and Secretary of State) and Congress.  Some of the candidates have already declared and are vying for your support.

Depending on the level of the office, Republicans will be making decisions on their endorsement of these candidates at conventions at the district level and the state level.  Delegates to these conventions will be chosen starting at the caucuses on February 1 through the Senate District conventions in March.

To be successful, candidates at all levels need your support.  To give you the best opportunity to meet them, we will publish candidate events, meet & greets, and receptions as we learn of them, particularly if they are held in or near our area.  Posting these events does not represent an endorsement of these candidates, simply information to enable you to attend and engage them, and perhaps contribute their efforts.  Some of these events have an entry fee, others are free. 

Toward that end, please note:



Kim Crockett, candidate for MN Secretary of State, will meet and greet voters on February 2 at the Bloomington home of Pat & John Tschohl CLICK HERE for details.



Rousing Panel Discussion Marked Successful Return of Fall Conversation

Introducing_the_panel.jpgAfter missing 2020 due to Covid restrictions, this year’s Fall Conversation proved once again to be a very successful format for a fundraiser.  Almost 80 people came to the Edina Country Club on Thursday, November 4, to gain some insight into “What We Need to Do to Win in the Suburbs.”

Three distinguished commentators came at this question from different backgrounds and perspectives.  Moderated by Kyle Hooten of Alpha News, the panelists were MN Sen. Mark Koran, life coach and community activist Sheila Qualls, and political observer and campaign advisor Lonny Leitner.

The cocktail hour ahead of the panel discussion provided an opportunity to meet and talk with some recent candidates in the local school board elections as well as declared and future candidates for Congress in the 3rd Congressional District and for MN Attorney General.  Republican National Committeewoman Barb Sutter and 3rd Congressional District Chair Patti Meier also spoke personally with friends and attendees. Former MN Rep. Dario Anselmo stopped in for a brief appearance.

Senate District 49 Co-Chair Pam Tucholke kicked off the main event with a call out to special guests and an introduction of the moderator.  Kyle Hooten in turn introduced the panel members.  Mixing humor with statistics and quotes, the panelists spoke and answered questions for close to 90 minutes. 

While impossible to capture in a short article all of the points made by the panelists, a few highlights give a sense of the lively discussion.

The consensus on the top issues for the 2022 elections:

- Safety and security
- Education
- Jobs
- Economy

CLICK HERE to read more of the panelists” comments.


Former Senator David Hann elected MN GOP Chair

Hann1.jpgOn October 2, the State Central Committee of the Minnesota Republican Party met to get briefed on the status of the MN Republican Party and to elect a new Chair. 

Delegates, alternates, and observers crowded into the Hopkins Art Center for a special session of the governing body of the state party, called following the resignation of Chair Jennifer Carnahan in late August.   The attendees learned that the state party was operating with minimal staff.  Receipts from registrations for the State Central Committee meeting would provide some positive cashflow, but donations had essentially ceased awaiting initiatives by the new party chair.

Four candidates initially presented themselves to 338 delegates and seated alternates who were authorized to vote.  After two rounds, the field had been narrowed to former Senator David Hann and businessman Jerry Dettinger.  To Phil Parrish’s credit, he voluntarily withdrew from the race to allow a decisive third ballot before time ran out on the rented hall.

Jerry Dettinger and David Hann focused on what they offered the party and avoided either political or personal attacks.  Both Hann and Dettinger promised to recruit experienced executive staffers and to promote election integrity and restore voter confidence.  Dettinger emphasized his business experience and his intent to pledge $50,000 of his own money to encourage donations from others.  Hann spoke of his experience in leading the Senate Republican caucus through a similar crisis and building the majority that Republicans currently enjoy in the MN Senate. 

CLICK HERE to read about the results of the chair election, the naming of a new Deputy Chair, and other meeting business

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