Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.

~Ronald Reagan 


January 28 Program: Rep. Ilhan Omar and the 2020 State Legislative Outlook

Drazkowski.jpgSteve Drazkowski represents the area around Mazeppa in the Minnesota legislature and is the leader of the New House Republican Caucus. He is the past chair of the Property Tax and Local Government Finance Committee. He has been pushing the US House Committee on Ethics and the Internal Revenue Service to investigate Ilhan Omar. Rep. Drazkowski will be our featured speaker at the first SD49 dinner program of the 2020 season, on January 28.

Drazkowski originally wrote his Congressional representative Angie Craig to initiate the Congressional Ethics investigation. Craig’s response back in June? “[His] letter is a political stunt. The people I talk to want me to focus on reducing the price of healthcare and prescription drugs.” It would appear her position on investigating ethical violations depends on which side of the aisle is raising accusations..

Steve Drazkowski will also talk about how the MN legislature is dealing with the millions of dollars of misspent funding by the Department of Human Services. And he will also give us a forecast of what will happen in the 2020 legislative session.

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Looking Back, Looking Forward: Reflections on 2019

By Randy Sutter, Past Co-Chair SD49 Republicans

Reflection_bubble_on_sand_pexels-photo-cropped.jpegLooking back over the last twelve months, we shared times of commitment and inspiration, frustration and exhilaration, introspection and re-dedication. We were joined by some great new people, were buoyed by a lot of volunteer effort, and we benefitted from some important learning experiences. We have challenges ahead of us. And we have some strong candidates and potential candidates willing to rally us to meet those challenges.

The November election results were clearly a disappointment in Bloomington and Edina. We were pleased to recommend some particularly strong candidates for the Edina school board and the Bloomington municipal races. They mounted positive campaigns that articulated their positions and provided clear choices for the voters in their communities. The efforts put forth by these candidates resulted in a notably higher voter turnout for a non-presidential, non-school referendum year.

We congratulate the conservative candidates in the Eden Prairie school board race that won their seats. We will be following the impact that they have on the performance of their school over the course of the next few years.

We would particularly like to recognize the work done by campaign volunteers in getting out lawn signs and leveraging social media. They provide high candidate name recognition. Lessons were learned, and efforts to address those lessons will be the focus of the coming year.

Our senate district put on a number of educational, social, and fundraising events this year.

• In January, Max Rymer gave a frank assessment of what is and isn’t working for the Republican Party, and for the DFL.
• Brad Aho spoke in February of the impact of local and regional governments on the affordability of housing.
• March featured Lisa and Klaus Schneegans, talking about the digital campaign arms race and what their Right Tech Pac is doing to level the playing field.
• In April, Jason Flores, State Director for the Minnesota Chapter of Americans for Prosperity, pointed out how Governor Walz’ spending demands were impeding efforts to reach a budget compromise.

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Fall Conversation Nov. 22 Examined Metro Congressional Races

Fall_Conversation_2019_15_(2).jpg2020 will be a monumental year in politics in Minnesota. The Presidential race is garnering the most attention, but Congressional races could well prove pivotal in determining the future direction of the country. What will it take for Republican candidates for Congress to successfully run in the Minneapolis metropolitan area?

Our annual “Fall Conversation” took place on Friday, November 22. It probed the challenges and opportunities in running for Congress in our area. Kendall Qualls and Lacy Johnson gave us their thoughts and answered our questions. Both are seeking endorsement in their Congressional districts, and both bring inspiring life stories and motivating enthusiasm to their campaigns. Max Rymer was our moderator.

Watch the video to see for yourself why those attending were impressed by these candidates. To view some additional photos, CLICK HERE.





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