Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.

~Ronald Reagan 


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Join Us For August 8 Picnic - YOU are invited

Senate Districts 49 & 50 Family Picnic: Join us on Sunday, August 8, for our annual Summer Picnic in the Park

West Bush Lake Park – Shelter 1 Area (West side of Lake)
9401 W. Bush Lake Road, Bloomington

SHELTER #1 is a great picnic area for our family event. It is close to a kids play area, Sand Volleyball court, and horse shoe pit. Parking is free for our group.

Time:  12 pm start, with lunch served from approximately 1 pm to 2 pm.  Events will begin wrapping up about 3 pm.

MJ_Barbecue_logo_for_picnic.jpgFor the first time this year, we will offer special smoked BBQ by MJ Barbecue to accompany Tom's Famous roasted corn on the cob.  We will also have hot dogs for the kids. A variety of side dishes and beverages will be offered.

MEET AND GREET – A number of legislators, candidates, party leaders and good friends will stop by. A great opportunity to connect!

BRING THE KIDS – We plan games and fun activities for younger Republicans

We'll do all of the cooking, slicing, and clean-up.

Early Bird Tickets will be available through July 31 (CLICK HERE TO RSVP)

  • Advance Adult Ticket prices will be $15 per person (age 12 and up)
  • Children ages 5-11 will cost $5 per child
  • Children under age 5 are free

After July 31, ticket prices will be $20 per person (12 years of age and older)

Invite your friends, family, and neighbors to enjoy our summer tradition of family fun, casual food, and inspiring conversation!


Republicans Proudly Walk in Edina's July 4 Parade 


Thank you to the roughly 40 volunteers who join us for Edina's 4th of July Parade, held on July 3rd.  We were also joined by MN Rep. Greg Boe (R, Chaska), David Pascoe (MN GOP Secretary), Cicely Davis (SD59 Chair), Allen Shen (Vice Chair, Asian American Republicans Affiliate), and Kim Crockett (CD3 Republicans Vice Chair).  A special thanks goes out to Carol Kerr and her red convertible (with inflated elephant) and John Ward and his vintage red Mustang convertible for helping us make an impact with their vehicles.

Thanks also to Scott Jensen, candidate for Minnesota Governor, his wife Mary, and their ardent campaign supporters who joined us in our walk through Edina.  Scott personally greeted many of the people, and most of the dogs, watching as we passed by.




UMLC:  Fighting for Liberty and Rule of Law


The Pints & Pent-up on-line forum held on May 19 featured the impactful work being done by Doug Seaton and James Dickey.  These two attorneys are the litigating power behind the Upper Midwest Law Center.  

The UMLC is a center-right, non-profit, public interest law firm willing to take on legal battles in Minnesota when public officials and government unions exceed their authority and infringe on personal liberties.  Their work is particularly important when officials, elected to uphold our laws, act counter to those laws.

The UMLC is 100% donor-funded.  Their mission is to take cases that they believe advance values of liberty, equality under the law, the rule of law, constitutional limitation on government authority, and limitation on government union abuses.  The forum highlighted the important cases that are being pursued on behalf of individuals who would not be able otherwise to seek redress due to the ever-increasing expense of attorney fees. 

Attorney James Dickey summarized seven of their recent legal actions:

Stop the Defunding of the Minneapolis Police (Spann v. Minneapolis City Council) – The Minneapolis City Charter requires that the City fund and employ a minimum number of employees of the “police force” equal to a specific percentage of the population of the city. Based on that formula, Minneapolis should be employing 751 officers.  Currently, there are fewer than 650 officers active and enforcing the laws.  The judge in the case ruled that the Mayor Frey and Council President Lisa Bender may be deposed.  UMLC found that the number of officers will continue to dwindle absent Court intervention.

Click Here to read more about the other recent cases.


Pints & Pent-up April 14 - MN Legislative Action Update

Nash-Hertaus.JPGSouthwest metro Republicans featured Rep Jim Nash (R, Waconia) and Rep. Jerry Hertaus (R, Greenfield) as part of our online Pints & Pent-up meet-ups on Wednesday evening, April 14.

Jim Nash and Jerry Hertaus both serve in the Minnesota House.  

Rep. Nash is the Assistant Minority Leader in the House.  He is also the chief author of the “Free the Growler” bill.  Rep. Hertaus is the Republican lead on the Property Tax Division Committee and has authored various election reform measures.

Reps. Nash and Hertaus talked about current actions in the legislature and what it has been like working with the DFL majority in the House.  They then took questions from the audience.

It was an information-packed evening that we've summarized in 2 articles that you can read by scrolling through our News tab above or click to read directly HERE and HERE.


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