Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.

~Ronald Reagan 


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Oct. 23  Dinner -  Political Correctness on Campus - Elephants in the Room

Oct_Dinner_Speakers_L-R_Laura_Anderson_Hannah_Keil_Resized.jpgThe "Elephants in the Room" are young women who have extensive experience with navigating the tense and often hostile campus culture that exists today for conservative students. Pictured at left (from left to right), Laura Anderson and Hannah Keil will be providing an honest and personal glimpse of the REAL environment on Minnesota campuses (a microcosm of the national scene). They'll also give us insights into university bureaucracy, workforce culture, and what we can all do to help support conservative college students. A bibliography for further study and reading about these crucial issues will be provided, as well as a list of specific actions you can take to combat repressive political correctness.

Laura Anderson - Graduate of Minnesota State University, Mankato with a Bachelor's Degree in Spanish & HR as well as a Master's Degree in Spanish. Currently working in Human Resources.

Hannah Keil - Graduate of the University of Minnesota, Duluth with a Bachelor's Degree in Finance & HR as well as Political Science. Currently working as a Senior Financial Analyst.

PLUS - Edina City Council Candidates to Speak

In addition to our regular program, we have invited all 6 candidates for Edina City Council to speak to our members at the October 23 dinner meeting. We have asked them to tell you why they are running and what they hope to accomplish if elected. Come listen to Ron Anderson, Stan Davis, Janet Kitui, Ray Meifert, and the two incumbents, Kevin Staunton and Bob Stewart. There are many different ideas of what kind of city Edina should become. Become an informed voter and vote on or before November 6.

Our October 23 program will be held in the Fellowship Hall of the Calvary Lutheran Church, 6817 Antrim Rd, Edina, MN 55439. The evening will begin at 6:00 pm with an opportunity to welcome our presenters and greet one another. At 6:30 pm, we will make available a light meal of sandwiches, chips, dessert, and a beverage.

Please CLICK HERE to RSVP and let us know if you will join us for a light meal or if you will be coming just for the presentation. The presentation will start at 7:00 pm.


GOP-Endorsed Candidates on Ballot

Elephant_Ballot_Box.jpgThese Republican-endorsed candidates will be on the November 6 ballot.  Early / Absentee voting started September 21.

  • U.S. Senator - Jim Newberger
  • U. S. Senator (Special Election for Unexpired Term) - Karin Housley
  • U.S. Representative, District 3 - Erik Paulsen
  • U.S. Representative, District 5 - Jennifer Zielinski
  • Governor and Lieutenant Governor - Jeff Johnson and Donna Bergstrom
  • Attorney General - Doug Wardlow
  • State Auditor - Pam Myhra
  • Secretary of State - John Howe
  • MN House of Representatives
    • District 49A - Dario Anselmo
    • District 50A - Kirsten Johnson
    • District 50B - Chad Anderson
  • County Sheriff - Rich Stanek
  • Municipal Elections in Eden Prairie
    • Mayor - Brad Aho
    • City Council - Andy Moller

      CLICK HERE to view the list on our website, along with links to candidate information.


September Dinner -  Identity Politics in US Education

Resized_L-R_Chuck_Li_Jun_Yang_Sifang_Wu_Sheng_Zhong_Dongfeng_Qi.jpgMinnesota collects data on K-12 student performance, often by broad ethnic or racial origins in compliance with Federal guidelines. In the last decade, a study funded by the federal government concluded that the data should be “disaggregated”, broken into sub-populations on the assumption that resources should be focused on students of ethnic or racial groups that were under-performing.

On September 25, Chuck Li, President of the Chinese-American Alliance, (at left in photo) spoke at our dinner program. He told us why he and many other Chinese-Americans in Minnesota do not believe that ethnic identity should be the basis for setting school policies, assigning education resources, or defining student quotas.

He was joined by (L-R) Jun Yang, Sifang Wu, Sheng Zhong and Dongfeng Qi from Education Policy Observers.  They described why they've transformed into activists since last year when the MN Legislature passed a bill for disaggregated reporting at a more detailed level and the Dept. of Education announced plans for pilot-implementations.  They highlighted the evidence that focusing on ethnic identity avoids the real causes of poor educational performance. They also noted the expected costs to MN Taxpayers and the lack of data-security / data-privacy tools and standards for school computer systems. These leave both parents and students at high potential risk for exposure of sensitive information. These MN parents strongly believe the planned information collection risks dividing us along ethnic and racial lines and does not promote the common good.


Volunteers Tip the Balance in 2018 Republican Election

There are expected to be a number of close races this year, and Republican volunteers have the opportunity to directly influence the results in these races.

Dario_With_Sign_2016_Resized.jpgYour active support will make a difference in this election. There is a lot at stake in our local and state elections this year. Rarely has there been a time when the differences between the candidates are as clear.

We need to do all we can to support our candidates.

There are several ways you can help, some of them from home. Taking a lawn sign, installing lawn signs, door-knocking, literature dropping, get-out-the-vote calling. And, of course, financial contributions are immensely important. CLICK HERE for more information on ways you can volunteer.

Contact us at and let us know how you would like to pitch in.


Edina’s 4th of July Parade - Great Fun Even in Rain


From_Kevin_R_IMG_2400_resized.jpgEdina hosted a Grand Old Parade on July 4th and we had fun even in the rain. Thanks to all who turned out.  

U.S. Senate candidate Jim Newberger, U.S. Congress candidate Jenn Zielinski, MN Secretary of State candidate John Howe and State Auditor candidate Pam Myhra joined us.

Enjoy some of the parade highlights - watch our VIDEO


Convention Endorses Six State-wide Candidates

Small_convention_floor_Jeff_Johnson_speaking.jpgOver 2000 Minnesotans attended the Republican endorsing convention in Duluth that took place Friday afternoon & evening (June 1) and much of Saturday (June 2). The convention ran almost 15 hours of speeches, deliberations, and vote-counting, split roughly evenly between Friday evening and Saturday.

Jeff_Johnson_and_Donna_B.jpgThe most anticipated event was the Saturday afternoon endorsement for MN Governor. Jeff Johnson, former MN Representative, and current Hennepin County Commissioner went three ballots against Woodbury Mayor Mary Giuliani Stephens and Navy intelligence officer Phillip Parrish. Jeff Johnson won every Congressional District on both the 1st and 2nd ballots. By the third ballot, Johnson was 170 votes shy of the 60% threshold needed for endorsement. At that point, both Stephens and Parrish conceded, and Johnson won the endorsement to a standing ovation. His running mate for Lieutenant Governor, Donna Bergstrom from Duluth, is pictured above beside him at the convention.

Small_Day_1_Randy_Sutter_Wayne_Wenger__Max_Rymer_Doug_Seaton_Noah_Harber.jpgFormer governor Tim Pawlenty did not appear at the convention and did not contest the endorsement, but has stated his intention to go up against Johnson in the GOP primary August 14. Early voting for that primary opens June 29.

CLICK HERE to read about the additional 5 endorsing contests.

And CLICK HERE for more photos and to read about SD49's active delegation, 43 strong,  to the State Convention.


Legislative Update from Dario Anselmo – May 24

The Legislature adjourned on Sunday, May 21, marking a very productive two years at the Minnesota Capitol.

Small_size_Dario_Anselmo_Preferred_Photo_2017.jpgThe 2017-18 biennium included the largest tax cut in nearly two decades, the largest investment in roads and bridges in state history without a gas tax increase, major funding boosts for education, and reforms to lower health care costs and boost health care choices for Minnesota families.

This session, we worked to build on those successes passing a critical tax conformity package, more funding for our schools, measures to increase school safety, investments in our transportation infrastructure, and more. The legislation we sent to the governor’s desk before the session was adjourned included a tax/education bill, supplemental finance bill, bonding bill and pension bill.

Unfortunately, Governor Dayton has vetoed our tax/education and a supplemental bill which included a number of important, bipartisan provisions that would have benefited Edina taxpayers and families. Some highlights included in vetoed bills:

• A tax conformity package that held 99.8 percent of tax filers harmless, conformed Minnesota to our federal tax code and provided the first income tax rate cut in nearly two decades
• $225 million in available funds, including new money, to help schools facing budget shortfalls
• Reforms to address vulnerable adult and senior maltreatment and abuse

CLICK HERE to read more highlights of the vetoed bills, and learn what did get signed.


Leitner Makes Compelling Case for “Going 4 the Heart”

Lonny_Leitner.jpgLonny Leitner spoke to a large contingent of local Republicans as the featured speaker at the SD49 program on May 22. He pointed out that Republicans too frequently think that our positions are intuitively obvious. Unfortunately, our intellectual analysis fails to work against the arguments of the Left. We need to start defending our positions from a moral and emotion-filled standpoint.

When it comes to mobilizing emotions, Democrats beat Republicans hands down. Year after year, Democrats accuse Republicans of

• Waging a war on women
• Not caring about minorities
• Inflicting pain on working Americans to benefit the wealthy

We know this is not true, yet we have not been effective in countering these attacks. We know that women today are more empowered, that the minority unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in years, and that working Americans are more optimistic about their futures. Yet these are impersonal and unpersuasive abstractions. We need to put a “human face” on our arguments. As David Horowitz said, “[We] need to stop talking like accountants and administrators and start speaking to the voters’ hearts.”

CLICK HERE to continue reading about how we have failed to convince and what we need to do better. 


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