Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.

~Ronald Reagan 


 March Dinner: Can we have Cleaner and Cheaper Energy in Minnesota? 

Mike_Franklin_March_Dinner_Speaker.jpgMike Franklin, from the Minnesota Conservative Energy Forum (MNCEF), will speak to us on Tuesday evening, March 27. MNCEF is a conservative group that was founded three years ago with the intent of changing how we talk about energy policy.

In Minnesota, the energy utilities largely determine how energy is priced and consumed. We have depended on them to provide reliable access to sufficient supplies of energy even when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing. However, it may now be possible to introduce policies that are more aligned with free market principles. By putting buyers and sellers of energy together in a marketplace on an equal footing, we should be able to provide everyone cleaner AND cheaper energy. MNCEF believes they have a plan that Republicans can promote as open to renewable energy with free-market energy pricing, without mandates or major subsidies.

We will be offering a catered dinner as part of this dinner program. Please RSVP so that we can be sure to have enough food.
The dinner program will run from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall of the Calvary Lutheran Church, 6817 Antrim Rd, Edina, MN 55439


SD49 Learns: Local Police & Community Mental Health Issues

Officer_Kevin_Rofidal_for_Newsletter.jpgSenate District 49 Republicans listened intently February 27 as two local police officers spoke of the growing role that they and their departments are playing in responding to people in our community suffering from mental health crises.

Officer_Scott_Marks_for_newsletter.jpgEdina Police Officer Kevin Rofidal (left) and Minnetonka Police Officer Scott Marks (right) spoke about the sharp growth in the mental health calls for Service that their departments have been getting. Edina has seen such calls go from 49 in 2013 to 163 in 2016 and 154 in 2017. The trend in Minnetonka is similar, growing from 83 calls in 2005 to 391 calls in 2017, with only 6 of those resulting in an arrest.

The increase in calls is attributed to:
• people more willing to request help
• child protection calls due to parent drug use/mental health
• therapists calling 911 when a patient is a threat to self or others (handled as a medical emergency for hospitalization rather than an arrest).
• perhaps, in part, the nonstop TV news, with 24 hours repetition of bad events.

The 1963 Community Mental Health Act was intended to base treatment in more community-oriented settings rather than inpatient / institutionalized care. Laws to protect civil rights were strengthened and 90% of psychiatric hospital beds were eliminated. But people ended up in jails instead. Currently 1/3 to 1/2 of all MN inmates are on medication for mental health.

Police officers aren’t mental health experts by trade. To deal with the growing number of mental health calls, our police forces are
• offering training courses to allow officers to hone the skills needed in mental health situations
• developing partnerships with metropolitan organizations better equipped to deal with the underlying issues

CLICK HERE to continue reading about actions being taken by our Police Departments to respond to the growing number of mental health calls.


 Governor Candidates Spoke at January Dinner


Resized_Dinner_Attendees_Discuss_Candidates.jpgSD49 had a full house to hear from GOP Governor candidates. Over 80 people came to hear from and talk to the GOP Governor candidates on Tuesday evening, January 23. The program allowed each of the candidates or their representative to talk for several minutes. Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson led the evening off, followed by MN Representative Matt Dean, former MN GOP Chair Keith Down, and educator and Naval Reserve officer Phillip Parrish. Maple Grove mayor Mary Giuliani Stephens was unable to attend due to a commitment in Duluth, but she was representated by Gregg Peppin.

The program was not a debate forum. After the candidate remarks, attendees were able to approach each of the speakers and engage them directly. The format of the evening allowed more interaction, and everyone who had a question or point to make had an opportunity to do so.  CLICK HERE to read more.


Year in Review - Active 2017 Built Stronger SD49

2017 was a year of accomplishments and close calls.  For what is typically considered an “off-year,” the pace of activity stayed high.

Review the year with us.   Click Here.



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