2020 SD49 GOP Convention Agenda

April 18, 2020
Registration Deadline 24 Hours Before Convention
Meeting at 3:00PM

Remote Convention being conducted by Zoom


I. Call to Order -- Louis Tiggas

II. Pledge of Allegiance -- Russ Burnison

III. Invocation -- Joel Quinnell

Technical Overview & Voting Instructions -- Andy Aplikowski

IV. Reading of the Convention Call -- Russ Burnison

V. Greetings/Announcements from the Chairs -- Russ Burnison

VI. Election of Temporary Chair and Temporary Secretary -- Russ Burnison

            Speakers -- Louis Tiggas

VII. Preliminary Credentials Report -- Andy Aplikowski

VIII. Adopt portion of the rules allowing the seating of alternates -- Louis Tiggas

IX. Seat alternates -- Louis Tiggas

X. Motion to make the temporary organization permanent -- Louis Tiggas

XI. Motion authorizing the chair to appoint -- Louis Tiggas

     a. parliamentarian (Vince Riehm),
     b. credentials committee (Sarah Patzloff/Andy Aplikowski),
     c. rules committee (Vince Riehm),
     d. Candidate Search Committee (John Metil),
     e. Delegate Nominating Committee (Randy Sutter),
     f. Resolutions Committee (Wayne Wenger),
     g. head teller (Andy Aplikowksi),
     h. time keeper (Andy Aplikowski)

XII. Rules Committee Report -- Vince Riehm

XIII. Updated Credentials Report -- Andy Aplikowski

XIV. Delegate Nominating Committee Report -- Randy Sutter

XV. Voting of CD & State Convention Delegates/Alternates -- Louis Tiggas

XVI. Endorsement of non-contested candidates -- Louis Tiggas

XVII. Resolutions Report -- Wayne Wenger

XVIII. Other Business -- Louis Tiggas

XIX. Adjournment -- Louis Tiggas

             Remarks by Candidates will be inserted at the discretion of the Convention Chair.

Calls Issued for SD49 GOP Convention on April 18

Delegates_at_convention.jpgGov. Walz emergency order has altered the nature of the Senate District 49 convention. This year, the convention will convene on Saturday, April 18, online and on the telephone, starting at 3:00 pm.

Registration has already started.

MN GOP sent out the formal Convention Call by email this past week. If you are a delegate or alternate we want to know whether or not you have received your call. Please  CLICK HERE to take a quick, one question survey and let us know. 

Please also follow the instructions on the Call as soon as you can. Registration closes on April 17, 24 hours before the convention convenes. You can register online. MNGOP is asking a registration fee of $5 to defray the costs of the teleconference.

Delegates and alternates may participate in the convention online if you have a computer with internet and speakers. If you don’t have a computer and speakers, you can call in with a digital phone. Participation in the convention teleconference should prove interesting just to hear the US Senate and Congressional office candidates speak.

2020 Convention Rules

1. RULES OF ORDER Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall be the parliamentary authority on all points not covered by the Constitution and Bylaws of the Republican Party of Minnesota, the statues of the State of Minnesota, any special rules of order the party may adopt, as well as the official call of this convention and the rules adopted by this convention.

2. ORDER OF BUSINESS The order of business for this convention shall be as specified in the Convention Agenda or by the discretion of the Convention Chairperson. The Convention Chairperson, at his or her discretion, can change the order to the Convention Agenda in order to meet time constraints. A motion to adjourn the convention shall be debatable until all items on the agenda have been addressed on the convention floor excluding agenda item titled other business.


a. The permanent voting roll of this convention shall be composed of the delegates elected February 25th, 2020 at the precinct caucuses to this BPOU Convention. Only those delegates and properly seated alternates are eligible to be seated which allows them the privilege to vote and speak on business before the convention. If a duly elected delegate or alternate is not properly registered then they shall not be allowed to be seated at the convention. To be properly registered the registration must have been received 24 hours in advance of the convention by the Republican Party of Minnesota whether sent online or via the USPS mail.

b. Following the preliminary Credential Report and in the absence of any duly elected delegate, a duly elected alternate shall be seated according to rank in the precinct or by vote of the precinct’s delegation if no rank is known.

c. Cross seating of alternates will not be allowed.

d. No unregistered delegate or alternate may be seated at any time during the convention.

e. Once a delegate or a seated alternate has registered for the convention, they remain part of the voting strength of the convention even if they leave the convention prior to the convention's official adjournment.

f. Seating of alternates after the preliminary Credential Report shall be the duty of the chairperson or their designee.


a. A quorum shall consist of ten percent (10%) of the total number of delegates elected at the February 25th, 2020 precinct caucuses.

b. Once a quorum has been established, the call for a quorum thereafter shall be out of order.


a. The vote on all questions shall be considered a rising vote by voting yea or nay.

b. Items without objection can be passed by unanimous consent.

c. The convention may decide by a two-thirds vote to endorse by a rising vote for any office for which there is only one candidate, without opposition. Any other endorsement is to be ruled out of order.

d. There shall be no voting by proxy or unit rule.

e. The Convention Chairperson and the Chief Teller will decide any voting dispute and they may request a new vote.

f. Only persons who are delegates or seated alternates to this convention shall be permitted to vote.

g. The convention Chairperson shall appoint a Chief Teller to assist in counting votes and adjudicating disputes.

h. Voting will proceed until the Chairperson rules balloting closed.

i. Valid ballots shall be those cast for any names put forth by the Search/Nominations committee.

6. DEBATE a. Debate on any general issue or motion shall be limited to one (1) minute by each speaker. No person shall be allowed to speak more than once on the same question and the total debate is limited to a maximum of six (6) minutes. The chairperson will call on Pro and Con speakers alternately. If no opposing speaker rises the debate will end.


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Resolutions Committee Report

Report of the Resolutions Committee

We gathered all the resolutions that were approved in each precinct in the SD49 Caucus on February 25, 2020. We eliminated all the duplicates and all those that were part of the platform. A total of 23 resolutions are listed below under the section of the platform to which they would apply.

The resolutions have been posted on the SD49 and MNGOP (Action Center) web sites. Based on the rules for this convention we will be unable to have any discussion on these resolutions.

I’d like to make a motion to approve the 23 resolutions and forward them to the CD3 and CD5 conventions for their consideration.


Proposed Resolutions to Amend the Republican Party of Minnesota Standing Platform
SD 49 Convention, April 18, 2020

Overall Structure of the Platform
1.   Simplify the 2018 State Platform to the major headings.

2.   Property taxes must be paid separately from mortgage payments.
3.   Freeze property taxes for seniors with less than $50,000.00 in annual income.
4.   Enact a Capital Ownership program which provides everyone, by right, the modern equivalent of 160 acres of capital.
5.   The Republican Party believes in capitalism.
6.   The State of Minnesota should refund excess taxes paid by taxpayers to the taxpayers.

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Delegate Nominating Committee Report

FOR SD 49 CONVENTION April 18, 2020
Submitted by Randy Sutter, Chair of the Delegate Nominating Committee

Following the SD 49 Bylaws, a meeting of the Delegate Nominating Committee was convened on March 10, 2020. The purpose of the meeting was to nominate delegates and first alternates to the 2020 conventions being held by Congressional District 3 Republicans, Congressional District 5 Republicans, and Minnesota State Republicans. The meeting complied with the requirement to convene at least 10 days prior to the original convention date of March 21. A majority of the Executive Committee members and a majority of the newly-elected precinct chairs were present.

A motion was made and passed at the meeting to put forward a report to the convention with agreement on the process for nominations and a slate of the nominees for delegates and some of the first alternates. Opportunities for nominations from the convention floor for the remaining alternate slots would be encouraged.

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April 18 Senate District 49 Convention Via Teleconference

For_website_resized_Registration_volunteers.jpgSenate District 49 is going forward with its 2020 convention. However, in recognition of the need to maintain appropriate social distancing and to shelter-in-place, the delegates and alternates who were elected during the February precinct caucuses will be able to participate without leaving their homes.

The business of the convention will be conducted in phases using emails, mail delivery, and teleconferencing.

The first phase has been completed.  The Delegate Nominating Committee made up of the members of the SD49 GOP Executive Committee and the chairs and co-chairs of the 34 precincts in the district met on March 10.  This committee created slates of delegates and first alternates to the higher level Republican conventions that will be held in 2020-2021. 

Between March 25 and March 31, a quorum (72%) of the delegates and alternates to the SD49 Republican convention, elected at the precinct caucuses held on February 25, voted to approve the slates and nominated additional first alternates to approved in the second phase of the convention.  The resulting slates can be found by CLICKING HERE.

The higher level Republican conventions planned for 2020 are:

- The Congressional District 5 convention, to be conducted by teleconference on April 29, starting at 7 pm

- The Congressional District 3 convention, to be conducted by teleconference on April 30, starting at 7 pm

- The MN GOP convention, planned for May 15-16


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