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Forum_Debate_Illustration.jpgSeveral forums for local candidates in Bloomington and Edina were held earlier in September, with no in-person audiences. Videos of candidate statements and forum appearances can be viewed at the links below.

League of Women Voters Bloomington Candidate Video Statements CLICK HERE . Joe Thalman’s statement can be found starting at the 16:34 mark.

Bloomington Chamber of Commerce Candidate Town Talk Forum – Thursday, Sept 10. CLICK HERE 

League of Women Voters Edina Candidate Forum -- Thursday, Sept 10
- House District 49B  CLICK HERE 
League of Women Voters Bloomington Candidate Forum -- Tuesday, Sept 15
- House Districts 49B, 50A, and 50B CLICK HERE 

League of Women Voters Edina City Council Candidate Forum -- Thursday, Sept 17.  CLICK HERE

WCCO filmed a virtual debate between Jason Lewis and Tina Smith on August 4. A link to that video can be found by CLICKING HERE

Joe Thalman: Republican Candidate for House District 49B

By Joe Thalman

Joe_Thalman_portrait_with_flag.jpgMy name is Joe Thalman and I'm running for the Minnesota House of Representatives to represent the people of west Bloomington, southern Edina, and portions of Minnetonka and Eden Prairie. I cannot sit on the sidelines any longer.

We have witnessed an unprecedented assault on the basic institutions of this country. Lawlessness is sweeping the land and threatens everyone. Many politicians have turned a blind eye and looked the other way. They have not denounced the violence, the deaths, the turmoil, nor have they addressed the fear that people feel. Many people are considering relocating to avoid the risks and the threats that imperil their safety and the tranquility they once enjoyed and came to expect as normal.

We need to elect officials at every level of government who will stand up to the people who don't believe that our laws apply to them. We can respect the protesters, but we need to take immediate action against anarchists. They will take over cities and inflict damage and destruction wherever they are allowed to operate by weak mayors and governors who will not defend the public square and provide adequate public safety. Furthermore, there are many county attorneys and state attorneys general who are not interested in prosecuting the criminals who have destroyed billions of dollars worth of property, taken lives and imperiled entire communities.

Many representatives in our legislature have remained silent, or worse, taken action to weaken public safety. So, if they aren’t serving the needs of their constituents, who are they serving? "There comes a time when silence is betrayal".

The tide has to turn, and it is up to the voters to elect representatives who will take forceful and immediate action. It is time for the silent majority to rise up and sweep these feckless “public servants” from office and restore order. If an elected representative has not and will not denounce the violence, they are part of the problem. If they want to defund the police, they are part of the problem.

I support justice with law and order. I believe that we can improve our society without burning the place down. If you want to take a stand and defend your home, your family, your freedom and your quality of life, I will stand with you.
I would be proud to be your voice, to represent you in the Minnesota Legislature

Joe Thalman, Candidate for MN House, District 49B
PS. Please check out my website,

Edina City Council Candidates Set

City_of_Edina_logo.jpgAt the close of the filing period for Edina municipal government candidates in mid-August, Jim Hovlund was the only candidate who filed for mayor. As a result, Hovlund is destined to serve for a fifth term.

The two incumbents whose terms will be up at the end of the year chose not to run again. Council member Mary Brindle will step aside after serving since 2009. Mike Fischer elected not to run again after serving one four-year term.

Seven candidates are moving forward to fill those two seats. They are listed as follows, with links to their webpage and/or Facebook page as we know them

- Joshua Ahlberg –
- Rhonda Bland --
- Ukasha Dakane --
- Parinaz Kassemi –
- Janet Kitui --
- Carolyn Jackson --
- James Pierce --

For information about these candidates, check out the links above as well as a short bio of each published on August 14 in the Sun Current newspaper.

Lewis, Johnson, Qualls, and Dupre Win their Primaries

Jason_Lewis.JPGWe congratulate the candidates that won their primaries and secured the right to seek election as Republicans in our area. 

  • Jason Lewis for US Senator
  • Kendall Qualls for US Congress, 3rd Congressional District
  • Lacy Johnson for US Congress, 5th Congressional District
  • Julie Dupre for MN Senate in SD49

When compared with the elections of 2018 in our senate district, less than half of the voters turned out to be counted in this primary.  On average, a little over half of the DFL voters participated, while less than a quarter of the Republicans voters did so.   

As Republicans, we have some work to do going into the general election in November to get our voters out if we want to support these candidates and make a difference.

Our Minnesota Candidates – SD 49 & SD 50

Qualls___Home.jpgHere are the names and campaign websites/Facebook pages for endorsed and recommended Republican candidates that voters in our area may see on their November ballots. Voting districts for the various offices overlap or split city boundaries and aren’t uniform, so not every candidate shown will be on your ballot. Sample ballots for your specific area will be available at least 45 days before Election Day at the Secretary of State website CLICK HERE.

Joe Thalman - MN House 49B (W. Bloomington, south Edina, NE Eden Prairie, SE Minnetonka) 

Gary Heyer - MN House 50B (E. Bloomington, Richfield)

Dean Mumbleau - MN Senate 50 (E. Bloomington, Richfield)

Kendall Qualls - US Congressional District 3 – (Bloomington, most of Edina, Eden Prairie, Minnetonka)
Primary Aug. 11

Lacy Johnson - US Congressional District 5 – (N. Edina, Minneapolis)
Primary Aug. 11

Jason Lewis - US Senate (entire state of MN)
Primary Aug. 11

Donald J. Trump - President
Mike Pence - Vice President

Polling Locations 

Bloomington & Edina voters uncertain of their polling locations may look the location up on the Secretary of State's website by CLICKING HERE.


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