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Senate District 49 Republicans is the official political unit of the Minnesota Republican Party that represents the interests of Republicans in the city of Edina, the western portion of the city of Bloomington and a few precincts in Eden Prairie and Minnetonka.

Our Mission Statement
Senate District 49 Republicans of Minnesota support the core values of the Republican Party: Personal responsibility, free enterprise, fiscal responsibility, and limited and sensible government. Through our efforts, we will select, endorse and support candidates who reflect our values. We will communicate our values to our voters and reach out to those who desire to embrace the Republican Party. 

Senate District 49 Executive Committee, with Assigned Precincts

Pam Tucholke Co-Chair Bloomington 27
Joel Quinnell  Co-Chair Edina 17
Louis Tiggas Treasurer  
Leah Hollenbeck Secretary  
Randy Sutter Communications Bloomington 18
Vince Riehm Bylaws Committee Chair Bloomington 25

House District 49A Vice-Chairs, with Assigned Precincts

Louis Dennard Edina 8, 9, 16
Dennis Hogan Edina 1A, 5, 6
Lynn Hovde Edina 1B, 10, 15
Anna Lima Edina 3, 4, 14
Sarah Patzloff Edina 2, 7, 11

House District 49B Vice-Chairs, with Assigned Precincts

Michael Barg Bloomington 16, 19, 22
Steve Curry Edina 12, 13, 18 
Lane Hersey Eden Prairie 8, Minnetonka 1B, 1C
Taylor Mackenzie Edina 19, Bloomington 17, 28
Julia Tate Bloomington 21, 23, 24


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