2021 Bloomington Candidates

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Bloomington City Council At Large

Nathan Coulter -- www.neighborsfornathan.com
Paul King – www.PaulKingforCityCouncil.com
Ricardo Oliva – www.olivacitycouncil.com

Bloomington City Council District 3

David Clark – David Clark For City Council in Bloomington, Minnesota
Lona Dallessandro -- https://www.voteforlona.com
Laura Hunt – Not available     
Kevin Heinen -- Not available

Bloomington City Council District 4

Patrick Martin -- PatrickForBloomington.com
Victor Rivas -- Rivas For City Council (nationbuilder.com)

Bloomington School Board (ISD 271) – Elect 4

Beth Beebe -- Beth Beebe for School Board | Education Advocate for Public Schools
Tom Bennet -- tomfortheboard.com
Matthew Dymoke -- Matt Dymoke for Bloomington School Board (mattforbloomington.com)
Kat Eggers – (20+) Kat Eggers for School Board | Facebook
Marquisha Fulford – Not Available
Dani Indovino Cawley -- Vote Dani.org
Natalie Marose -- Natalie - Home (maroseforschoolboard.com)
Patricia Riley – not available
Jeff Salovich – Not Available
Dawn Steigauf – steigaufforschoolboard

Meet Exciting New Bloomington City Council Candidates:

Paul_King_for_Bloomington_City_Council1.JPGPaul King:  Bloomington At-Large, covering all of the city

"Our people and our history are the true backbone of what makes our city special. I want to return common sense to Bloomington city government."

"If the City is going to spend money, it should be spend on needs,  like improving Creekside Community Center, improving our roads and bridges, opportunities for neighborhood revitalization etc." 

Ricardo Oliva:  Bloomington At-Large, covering all of the city

“My interest in the Bloomington City Council began in Ric_Oliva4.JPG2019 when the council was considering Valley View Park as the destination for a new community center. I was further compelled to run in 2020 as our community dealt with the fallout from the rioting in Minneapolis and the effects of a global pandemic.

“I believe Bloomington would benefit from greater diversity of opinion at our council meetings and my commitment to balancing stakeholder input, fiscal responsibility, and individual freedom brings a fresh perspective to our current council that will positively impact Bloomington residents for generations to come.”

David Clark:  Bloomington’s Third District, which constitutes much of theDavid_Clark_Bloomington_Ward_3_Council_Candidate1.jpg northwest portion of the city

“I decided to run for Bloomington City Council after realizing our town is not safe, not responsive to residents and in need of lower taxes and less spending.

“My blend of real-world business experience and complete allegiance to residents (not outside interest groups) will help me to bring change to a city that is in the pocket of the Met Council and other interest groups. Enough!”

Victor Rivas: Bloomington’s Fourth District, which encompasses the northeast quadrant of the city

“I am running for Bloomington City Council because I Victor_Rivas_Bloomington_Ward_4_Council1.JPGwant to ensure that all of Bloomington’s residents are equally and fairly represented - that all of Bloomington’s citizens have an equal voice.’

“I promise respectful consideration, an attentive ear, and a willingness to truly serve. It is with great earnestness that I will work to earn your vote and bring positive change to the city of Bloomington.”

Meet The Bloomington School Board Candidates (vote for up to four candidates):

Beth Beebe is currently serving on the Bloomington School Board and is Beth_Beebe_For_School_Board_2.JPGrunning for her second term.  She has 15 years of teaching experience in various national and international settings.

Beth has lived in Bloomington for 21 years, and her sons both attended Bloomington schools.  She has been treasurer of the School Board and liaison to the MN School Board Association.  

She has enjoyed volunteering at Schools and District Events

Natalie Marose is a teacher and school administrator, a career that she has Natalie_Marose_For_School_Board2.JPGpursued for over 34 years.  She has lived in Bloomington for 32 years, and is the mother of two Kennedy High School graduates. 

Natalie has a Master’s Degree in Education and has instructed at the college level.  She has been an Early Childhood Family Education Teacher, a Student Teacher Supervisor, and a girls’ basketball coach.

Outside of school, she has served as a Bloomington Family Child Care Provider and an American Red Cross instructor.

Bloomington League of Women Voters Candidate Forums

  1. Five-minute videos of Candidates are to be released after September 6
  2. In the interest of public safety, this year’s Bloomington City Council and Bloomington School Board forums will be hosting candidates without an audience (no-live audience). 


The LWVB will record a Forum for the Candidates for Council-at-Large, District III and District IV on Thursday, September 9, 2021.  


The LWVB and PTSA Council will record a Forum for the Candidates for four at-large seats on Tuesday, September 14, 2021.

Candidate Forums will be recorded and available for public viewing after September 17 on the following sites:
Bloomington TV, Channels 14 or 859

Bloomington Election News and Opinions:

Bloomington voters should consider who has contributed to their City Council members, to understand who might be aligned with whom and might be seeking influence. (Follow the Money: Contributors to Bloomington City Council Candidates (sd49gop.com))





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