Bloomington Referendum Drive Secures Required Signatures

A group of concerned Bloomington residents achieved a milestone in early January in their efforts to require the city council to put Organized Solid Waste Collection to a vote of the citizens.  The petition drive collected over 1240 verified signatures during a four-week period over the holidays at the end of 2015 and in early January. 

The Referendum Petition proposed the repeal of an ordinance (2015-45) passed by a vote of the Bloomington City Council.   The ordinance directed that the city government assume the management and control of residential trash collection, eliminating current options to change trash haulers and/or level of service.  The signers, “believing [the ordinance] to be detrimental to the welfare of the city, petition the [Bloomington City] Council for its submission to a vote of registered voters for their approval or disapproval.” The signed petitions are now being prepared for formal presentation to the Bloomington City Council.

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