Delegate Nominating Committee Report

FOR SD 49 CONVENTION April 18, 2020
Submitted by Randy Sutter, Chair of the Delegate Nominating Committee

Following the SD 49 Bylaws, a meeting of the Delegate Nominating Committee was convened on March 10, 2020. The purpose of the meeting was to nominate delegates and first alternates to the 2020 conventions being held by Congressional District 3 Republicans, Congressional District 5 Republicans, and Minnesota State Republicans. The meeting complied with the requirement to convene at least 10 days prior to the original convention date of March 21. A majority of the Executive Committee members and a majority of the newly-elected precinct chairs were present.

A motion was made and passed at the meeting to put forward a report to the convention with agreement on the process for nominations and a slate of the nominees for delegates and some of the first alternates. Opportunities for nominations from the convention floor for the remaining alternate slots would be encouraged.

It was agreed that the chair or chairs of each precinct represented could submit nominations for one delegate and one first alternate to their congressional district conventions and for one delegate and one first alternate to the state convention. The SD49 Executive Committee could submit nominations for any remaining delegate and first alternate slots within the total allotted number of slots.

It was further agreed that this process of nominating delegates and first alternates would broadly recognize those that have stepped forward to support and build the senate district. This process was not tied to political factions or candidate campaigns. Rather, it rewarded members who will work for the local party long after the conventions are over.

The portion of SD49 that is in the Third Congressional District has been allocated 32 delegate slots and 32 first alternate slots (up from 26 in 2018). The portion of SD49 that is in the Fifth Congressional District has been allocated six (6) delegate slots and six (6) first alternate slots (up from 4 in 2018).The Committee approved nominations for all of the allotted State convention and Congressional District convention delegate positions. Nominations were also approved for a certain number of first alternate positions to these conventions. The delegates and first alternates approved by the Committee are the names not highlighted in yellow in the lists posted above this report. The SD 49 Executive Committee members and Precinct Chairs present approved the nominations with the understanding that the recommended nominations would be reported to the convention for confirmation.

Over 70% of the delegates and seated alternates elected to the SD49GOP convention responded to the March 25 and subsequent SD49GOP Convention Part 1 emails. An overwhelming majority of those approved the slates of delegates and first alternates to the higher conventions.

Nominations for the open first alternate positions to the Congressional District conventions and to the State convention were also solicited from the SD49 Republican convention delegates and alternates in those same emails. The nomination period closed on March 31. The names of those nominated are highlighted in yellow in the lists posted above this report.

Given that the number of individuals already approved and subsequently nominated does not exceed the allotted number of delegates and first alternates, the chair of the Delegate Nominating Committee moves: 

  • Approval of this report
  • Approval of the posted lists of Delegates and First Alternates

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