Future Direction Planning Meeting Survey

More than 70 people had enough interest in SD49 to attend the convention February 20, via Zoom.  It has been proposed that we invite those folks and anyone else interested in SD49’s future direction to an in-person planning meeting where we can openly discuss and debate how to attract voters and win elections. 

Past SD49 candidates should also be invited to participate to share their experience and insights. It should be a meeting where goals, strategies and tactics are developed.  An in-person meeting, where everyone is encouraged to speak up and present ideas and solutions, is an ideal format.

This meeting should be scheduled in April/May, if feasible (when the emergency pandemic restrictions on large in-person meetings have been lifted).  No Zoom!  It should take place in a venue where the participants can see and talk to each other.


Would you attend an in-person meeting to discuss the future direction of Senate District 49 Republicans and how we can recruit strong candidates?

Once the emergency pandemic restrictions are lifted and large group meetings are again permitted, it has been suggested that SD49 Republicans hold a planning meeting to discuss how we should work to recruit strong candidates and attract more Republican voters.
  • Randy Sutter
    published this page in GET INVOLVED 2021-02-28 17:39:27 -0600

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