Legislative Action Alert - April 9 - Education Omnibus Bill

As you may know Representative Sondra Erickson is the Republican Lead of the House Education Policy Committee. According to Representative Erickson’s legislative aide, the status of HF 1414-“Comprehensive Sex Education.” is that the bill has been rolled into HF 2400-Education Finance Omnibus Bill, to be voted on and sent on to the Senate. The legislative aide said that no further action is planned for the Omnibus Bill, but she also added that the House could bring it up for a vote at any time after April 9.

The problem that each of us needs to address as soon as possible is twofold:

First, the bill advances the DFL’s campaign to completely strip away the right of local communities to control their own Public Schools, by centralizing both funding and curriculum in the hands of the State of Minnesota Department of Education.

And secondly, the bill redefines “Sex Education” to include not just how the human body works to reproduce itself, but a comprehensive and Progressive code of conduct and behavior, almost entirely written by Planned Parenthood and radical LBGTQ groups.

Please look at these links and respond as you think proper:

CLICK HERE to read the text of the bill, HF1414 

CLICK HERE to read and view more from the Child Protection League regarding the bill’s origination, authors and content

CLICK HERE to review additional information on the Child Protection League’s website

We’ve included a list of relevant State Legislators below (Updated May 7 with Conference Committee) should you wish to write or call one or more legislators to voice your opposition to HF 1414 and HF 2400.

In closing, if you decide to express your opinion to these legislators, you don’t need to compose a different email for each representative or senator. We’ve found that sending out an email to all of the members of one committee as a kind of email blitz works just as well. However, each member of the committee should receive a copy of the email; don’t just send an email to the Committee Chair or Republican Lead.

Thank you very much.

May 7 UPDATE - Conference Committee Members:

The Conference Committee members from the House are James T. Davnie (DFL, SE Minneapolis), Cheryl Youakim (DFL, Hopkins & St. Louis Park), Dave Pinto (DFL, Highland Park), Julie Sandstede,(DFL, Hibbing) and Dean Urdahl (R, Grove City). The Senate members are Carla Nelson (R, Rochester/SD26) John Jasinski (R,Faribault/SD24), Bill Weber (R, Luverne/SD22), Justin Eichorn (R, Grand Rapids/SD05), and Charles Wiger (DFL, Maplewood/SD43)

Jim Davnie (63A, DFL) Phone: 651-296-0173
E-mail: rep.jim.davnie@house.mn

Cheryl Youakim (46B, DFL) Phone: 651-296-9889
E-mail: rep.cheryl.youakim@house.mn

Dave Pinto (64B, DFL) Phone:651-296-4199
E-mail: rep.dave.pinto@house.mn

Julie Sandstede (06A, DFL) Phone: 651-296-0172
E-mail: rep.julie.sandstede@house.mn

Dean Urdahl (18A, R) Phone:651-296-4344
E-mail: rep.dean.urdahl@house.mn

Carla J. Nelson,  District 26, (R) Phone: 651-296-4848
E-Mail: sen.carla.nelson@senate.mn

Bill Weber District 22, (R) Phone: 651-296-5650
E-Mail: sen.bill.weber@senate.mn

Justin Eichorn, District 05, (R)  Phone: 651-296-7079

John Jasinski, District 24, (R) Phone: 651-296-0284

Charles Wiger, District 43, (DFL) Phone: 651-296-6820

Republican Members of House Education Policy Committee

  • Sondra Erickson (R) District: 15A Phone: 651-296-6746

Email: rep.sondra.erickson@house.mn

  • Cal Bahr (R) District: 31B Phone: 651-296-2439

Email: rep.cal.bahr@house.mn

  • Dave Baker (R) District: 17B Phone: 651-296-6206

Email: rep.dave.baker@house.mn

  • Peggy Bennett (R) District: 27A Phone: 651-296-8216

Email: rep.peggy.bennett@house.mn

  • Peggy Scott (R) District: 35B Phone: 651-296-4231

Email: rep.peggy.scott@house.mn

  • Dean Urdahl (R) District: 18A Phone: 651-296-4344

Email: rep.dean.urdahl@house.mn


Republican Members of House Education Finance Committee

  • Ron Kresha (R) District: 09B (Republican Lead) Phone: 651-296-4247

Email: rep.ron.kresha@house.mn

  • Rep. Brian Daniels (R) District: 24B Phone: 651-296-8237

Email: rep.brian.daniels@house.mn

  • Lisa Demuth (R) District: 13A Phone: 651-296-4373

Email: rep.lisa.demuth@house.mn

  • Bob Dettmer (R) District: 39A Phone: 651-296-4124

Email: rep.bob.dettmer@house.mn

  • Tony Jurgens (R) District: 54B Phone: 651-296-3135

Email: rep.tony.jurgens@house.mn


Our Local SD48, SD49 and SD50 House Representatives & Senators

  • Heather Edelson (DFL) District: 49A-    Phone: 651-296-4363

Member of House Education Finance Committee

Email: rep.heather.edelson@house.mn

  • Laurie Pryor (DFL) District: 48A Phone: 651-296-3964

Member of House Education Finance Committee

Email: rep.laurie.pryor@house.mn

  • Andrew Carlson (50B, DFL)  Phone: 651-296-4218

E-mail: rep.andrew.carlson@house.mn

  • Steve Elkins (49B, DFL)  Phone: 651-296-7803

E-mail: rep.steve.elkins@house.mn

  • Melisa Franzen (49, DFL) Phone: 651-296-6238

Email: sen.melisa.franzen@senate.mn


Republican Members of Senate E-12 Finance and Policy Committee

  • Carla J. Nelson, Chair District 26, (R) Phone: 651-296-4848

E-Mail: sen.carla.nelson@senate.mn

  • Gary H. Dahms, Vice Chair District 16, (R) Phone: 651-296-8138

Email: sen.gary.dahms@senate.mn

  • Paul T. Anderson, District 44, (R) Phone: 651-296-9261

Email: sen.paul.anderson@senate.mn

  • Roger C. Chamberlain, District 38, (R) Phone: 651-296-1253

Email: sen.roger.chamberlain@senate.mn

  • Justin D. Eichorn, District 05, (R) Phone: 651-296-7079

Email: sen.justin.eichorn@senate.mn

  • Karin Housley, District 39, (R)  Phone: 651-296-4351

Email: sen.karin.housley@senate.mn

  • John R. Jasinski, District 24, (R) Phone: 651-296-0284

Email: sen.john.jasinski@senate.mn


Republican Members of Senate Higher Education Finance and Policy Committee

  • Rich Draheim, Vice Chair, District 20, (R)  Phone: 651-296-5558

Email: sen.rich.draheim@senate.mn

  • Jim Abeler, District 35, (R)  Phone: 651-296-3733

Email: sen.jim.abeler@senate.mn

  • Scott M. Jensen, District 47, (R) Phone: 651-296-4837

Email: sen.scott.jensen@senate.mn

  • Jeremy R. Miller, District 28, (R) Phone: 651-296-5649

Email: sen.jeremy.miller@senate.mn

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