Added SD49 Leaders Elected, Candidates & Local Issues Featured at Sept 27 Dinner

The Full Committee of Senate District 49 confirmed three new officers during the Dinner Program held on Tuesday, September 27. 

  • Faisal Deri, Eden Prairie, was confirmed as an Executive Committee Vice Chair
  • Steve Curry, Edina, was confirmed as Co-Chair of Edina Precinct 13
  • Matt Balafas, Edina, was confirmed as Co-Chair of Edina Precinct 01A

Following the confirmation of the new officers, the attendees heard from several speakers

  • Mike Lehmann (Candidate, Senate District 49), Dario Anselmo (Candidate, House District 49A), and Max Rymer (Candidate, House District49B)
  • Larry Frost (failure of the City of Bloomington to uphold the Conditional Use Permits granted to the Dar Al Farooq Islamic Center)
  • John Swon (successful citizen push against approval of the addition of a Nordic Trail at Braemar Golf Course)
  • Donna Callender, Jennifer Janovy, and Mike Fischer (candidates for Edina City Council)

Viewing Guide for Recorded Max Rymer LWV Forum

We've created a time-indexed viewing guide for the recorded September 19 League of Women Voters Forum between Max Rymer and Paul Rosenthal.

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Viewing Guide for Recorded Dario Anselmo LWV Forum

We've created a time-indexed viewing guide for the recorded September 19 League of Women Voters Forum between Dario Anselmo and Ron Erhardt.

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Viewing Guide for Recorded Mike Lehmann LWV Forum

We've created a time-indexed viewing guide for the recorded League of Women Voters Forum September 6 between Mike Lehmann and Melisa Franzen.

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An Interview with Frank Drake CD5 Candidate for US Congress

Kenzie O'Keefe, the editor of North News, the community newspaper in North Minneapolis, recently interviewed Frank Drake, resident of Senate District 49 and candidate for Congress in the 5th Congressional District.

O’Keefe:  Why do you think voters specifically in North Minneapolis should vote for you?

Frank_Drake_(cropped)_-_1.jpgFrank Drake:  To answer your question on why voters on the North Side should vote for me, it’s because I’m the best candidate.

 Over the past 10 years, graduation rates, home ownership, and prosperity have decreased in North Minneapolis. Our current Congressman [Keith Ellison] has dropped the ball and is too focused on other issues outside of North Minneapolis and the 5th CD.

When he was on the board of Community Action of Minneapolis, CEO Bill Davis is in jail for stealing $1,000,000, and that money was supposed to help people in need. Where’s Keith? Keith never attended a meeting, even though that was his job. He was there for the barbecues and other events when the Press was around, so he could take credit for all the good they were doing when again he never attended a meeting.  

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SD49 Office Relocating to Bloomington in October

TN_moving_van_413c.jpgSenate District 49 has occupied an office on the third floor of the Edina Community Center for 15 years.  By November 15, we must permanently vacate that space to make way for the upgrade of the Normandale Elementary School on the floor below us.  Fortunately, we have signed a lease on an office in Bloomington that should fully serve our needs.

The upcoming renovation of the Normandale Elementary School in Edina will improve the security of that facility and make other changes approved in the school funding referendum passed in 2015.  In addition, the renovation will allow the relocation of school administrative and support offices. 

To make room for these relocations, several tenants of the Edina Community Center had to give up their spaces.  These tenants also included the local Democratic Farm Labor party organization, which had an office around the corner from our office.

Our new office is located at 10800 Normandale Blvd, at the intersection with Old Shakopee Rd in Bloomington.  It will provide us with an office, a meeting area, and some storage space.  Parking will be more convenient, and we will be able to access the office 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We could use your help moving furniture, office equipment, and supplies to the new office in late October, early November.  Please let us know that you’re willing to help pack, move, and/or unpack by emailing  If you have access to a pick-up truck or large van, that would also be very helpful in moving our larger items.

Rousing SD 49 Turnout for Bloomington’s Heritage Days Parade

Close to 30 people turned out to carry our Senate District 49 banner and call attention to our candidates in Bloomington’s Heritage Days Parade on Saturday, September 17. 

Waiting_for_Start_of_Parade.jpgMax Rymer and Mike Lehmann brought out a number of their supporters, resplendent in green or red t-shirts.  Our group was escorted by Carol Kerr’s red convertible and followed by Jerry Chapman’s van, decked out in patriotic motif and playing music selected for this occasion.

Children watching the parade were treated to stickers and candy. The stickers proved to be an enduring gift, as many kids were seen adorned with “Max” or “I Like Mike” stickers later on during the Heritage Days Festival.

Thanks to the following people from SD 49 who came out for the parade (in addition to the candidates and their supporters):  Vince Riehm, Carolyn and Wayne Wenger, Russ Burnison, Barb and Martin Zalusky, Sheri Johnston, Dar Gray, Carol Brumwell, Bill Holm, and Barb and Randy Sutter.  Carol Brumwell and Bill Holm were our able photographers.

We'll have more photos from the Parade on our Facebook page by the end of the week.


SD49 Supports GOP Booth at India Fest

The Minnesota GOP staffed a booth at India Fest for the first time this year.  It was held this past weekend on the Capital Mall in St. Paul. 

Indiafest22016-08.jpgThrough the leadership of MN National Committeewoman Janet Beihoffer, the booth provided attendees the opportunity to ask questions about Republican positions on current issues.  On average, this festival is attended by 10,000 to 15,000 people each year.

Trump-Pence stickers, bumper stickers, and lawn signs were also handed out. 

Barb and Randy Sutter from SD49 helped keep the booth open into the early evening.  Indiafest32016-08.JPG


Bloomington Council, Islamic Center Need to Respond to Neighborhood Concerns

The free exercise of religion is a fundamental American right.  Yet, of equal importance is that all people should enjoy equal protection under the law.   Residents of the east Bloomington neighborhood around Smith Park have been raising concerns about the Dar al Farooq Youth & Family Center for several years.  On June 27 and July 25, a large number of those neighbors were present when those concerns were detailed to the Bloomington City Council.

Attorney Larry Frost made clear that the concerns were not a reaction to the presence of an Islamic house of worship or an aversion to diversity in the neighborhood.  The concerns are with the failures of the city government to enforce agreements that they have made with the Dar al Farooq Center and city ordinances dealing with traffic, parking, and public parks.  Frost built a case suggesting that the city government, by its actions and inactions, appeared to be favoring Dar al Farooq Center over other recently-approved churches and to the detriment of the surrounding neighborhood.


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Aug 7 Picnic Was Fun for All

It was a beautiful day for a picnic in the park. Bush Lake Shelter 1 was the site for the August 7 SD49 and SD50 family picnic, enjoyed by more than 65 Republicans of all ages. A few were attending their very first SD49 gathering,  a few have been active for decades: all shared their insights as well as the meal.  

GEDC2017.JPGSD49 volunteers did all of the cooking. Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and hot dogs. Tom’s famous roasted corn on the cob. Barbara's delicious pasta salad and coleslaw. Accompaniments and condiments. Fresh watermelon. Star Cookies.

GEDC2008.JPGA number of legislators, candidates, party leaders, and good friends stopped by for informal conversations.  Each also spoke briefly after the meal, to update us on their campaigns and current issues at local and state levels.  Among those attending: Keith Downey (chairman of the Republican Party of Minnesota), David Hann, (MN Senate Minority Leader), Representative Chad Anderson (MN House District 50B), Mike Lehmann (Candidate, MN Senate District 49),  Dario Anselmo (Candidate, MN House District 49A), Max Rymer (Candidate, MN House District 49B), 3 candidates in the August 9 primary for Hennepin County Commissioner (Maureen Scallen Failor, Andrew K. Moller, and Bill Reichert), and Rick Rice (new RNC National Committeeman for MN).  


See our SD49 Facebook page later this week for a picnic photo album.




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