Don Patton Featured in Edina Magazine

Don_Patton_for_Dec_2.jpgOne of our long-serving Precinct Chairs, Don Patton, was recently written up in Edina Magazine  for his contributions to making the history of World War II come alive.

Don Patton helped found the World War II Round Table in 1987. “For 33 years, the WWII History Round Table has preserved the factual history of World War II through historians, veterans and travel opportunities for its members.” The roundtable meets on the second Tuesday of each month (September-May) at the Minnesota Historical Society.

Bloomington Council to Vote Dec 17 on Waterpark

MOA_Water_Park_(2).jpgAs reported by Eric Roper in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, no one testified at a November meeting where the Bloomington City Council voted to approve tax increases associated with development of a waterpark near Mall of America.

The next (and final) Council vote on the project's unusual financing is scheduled for December 17.

"The deal hinges on the city’s option to hike sales taxes at the Mall of America to pay debt on the $260 million facility, if visitors who pay to raft down 10-foot-wide slides and lounge in cabanas don’t generate enough revenue. The City Council voted unanimously Tuesday, November 12, to authorize imposing the taxes — 11 years after the Legislature granted them that power — under specific circumstances that will be agreed to next month.

A series of votes scheduled for Dec. 17 will finalize an unusual financing plan with little precedent in Minnesota."

The full article outlines what makes this such an unusual plan.  We've also provided our views in previous newsletters and articles on our website.  (June 2019 - August 2019 )

Call or write your council member before December 17. Here is the link to their contact information.

Nominate a Precinct Volunteer Of The Year

photo-of-a-white-door-with-a-hanging-wreath-and-welcome-1652394.jpgPrecinct work is the one of the key activities of Senate District 49. Thanks to a generous donation, each year we will recognize the person who provides exemplary contributions to SD49 with his/her precinct activity work. Anyone who is not on the Executive Committee is eligible for the award.

Anyone is eligible to submit a nomination for someone deserving recognition for their precinct volunteer work. The nomination period is December 1st through December 31st for 2019 contributions. Anyone may provide a nomination by filling in the nomination form and emailing it to or mailing it to the SD49 GOP at 9201 E. Bloomington Fwy, Suite G, Bloomington MN 55420-3413. Submissions should be mailed or e-mailed by December 31st, 2019.

The SD49 Executive Committee will review the nominations and select the precinct volunteer of the year based on the nomination and selection criteria. The winner will be announced and the award presented at the SD49 Convention (March 21, 2020 at Bethany church).

The selection criteria are based on the level of effort, effectiveness, and results of outreach to voters and community by door knocking, lit dropping, phone calling, sign placement, and event hosting/organizing.

CLICK HERE to view, save or print the nomination form (PDF). OR

CLICK HERE to save an editable version (docx format)

Fall Conversation Inspired by Compelling Words of Two Congressional Candidates

Closeup_Kendall_Lacy.jpgKendall Qualls and Lacy Johnson excited the audience at Senate District 49’s annual fundraiser on November 22. Both are running as Republican candidates for Congress in 2020 against freshmen DFL incumbents. As moderator Max Rymer pointed out, these candidates offer fresh perspectives, private sector experience, and personal life stories that will make them very compelling to voters.

Lacy Johnson (seated on the right) is seeking the Republican endorsement to run in Congressional District 5 against Rep. Ilhan Omar. He has lived and raised a family in north Minneapolis for 40 years. He worked in computer engineering before going into business to bring technological jobs to his district.

Kendall Qualls (seated on the left) is running in Congressional District 3 against Rep. Dean Phillips. Early on in his life, he experienced the divorce of his parents and witnessed the street/drug culture in Harlem as an elementary student. His adolescent years were spent in a trailer park in Oklahoma. Qualls worked to pay his way through college and served five years as an officer in the Army. He personally saw while serving on the Demilitarized Zone in Korea what a difference Freedom can make to the prosperity of a people. Out of the Army, he pursued a career first in sales and marketing of health care products, then switched over to medical devices.

Why are they running?

Lacy Johnson decided to run to offer his conservative values as a counter to the mindset fostered in his friends and neighbors in north Minneapolis by the Democrats who have been in power for a long time. It is a mindset that looks to government programs and not personal responsibility to solve local and personal problems. Lacy says that if something hasn’t worked for decades, it is time for a change.

Kendall Qualls wants to bring his life experiences to bear in Washington DC. He also believes that the narrative that America is a racist country needs to change. He has received help along the way from people black and white, rich and poor, male and female. We certainly have bad actors in our culture, but they do not define our country. He is not going to let people get away with continuing a negative narrative about the USA.

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Bloomington Board and Commission Applications Are Being Accepted


Applications to serve on the Bloomington Charter Commission will be accepted through 4 p.m. on December 6.

Applications to serve on the Local Board of Appeal and/or on the Housing and Redevelopment Authority Commission will be accepted through 4 p.m. on December 13.

Applications may be obtained by calling Bloomington Civic Plaza at 952-563-8782, or you may apply online at Information about Bloomington boards and commissions is available at

Anselmo Joins Aho in Race for Hennepin County Commissioner

Dario_Anselmo_Nov_2019.jpgIn a news release dated October 30, Dario Anselmo declared his candidacy for the Hennepin County District 6 Commissioner seat. District 6 includes Edina, Hopkins a portion of Eden Prairie, and much of the Lake Minnetonka area. Anselmo served in the Minnesota legislature from House District 49A from 2016 to 2018.

“Like his unique brand of politics, Dario Anselmo doesn’t fit a typical mold,” states his campaign website.. “Tech startup founder, pilot for Tom Petty’s band, music club owner, and community leader are just a few of the experiences that have prepared Dario for this office.”

Dario Anselmo’s approach to politics is to put his “purple” message into action. His stated intent is to “bring red and blue together to focus on solutions for the people, not partisan politics.”

Read more about Dario Anselmo and his thoughts on his campaign website and on his Facebook page .

Jeff Jiang Declares for MN Senate in Eden Prairie

Jeff_Jiang_Nov_2019.jpgJeff Jiang officially announced his candidacy for the Minnesota Senate in District 48 on October 27. Jiang is a first-generation American who has lived in Eden Prairie for 22 years.

Jiang got his graduate degree in political science from the University of Minnesota. His graduation in 2001 coincided with the devastating September 11 attacks on our country. “As I witnessed the American people unite against terrorism and fear, I experienced the greatness of this nation in a profound way and knew I wanted to become part of this great country and people”.

Crowd_Oct_27_at_Jeff_Jiang_announcement.jpgIn front of an enthusiastic crowd, Jiang promised to be a “voice for unity, freedoms and opportunities”. He said that his district and the state are “ready for leadership that can get us united, include everyone and seek solutions through respectful dialogue.”

Learn more about Jeff Jiang by visiting his website and his Facebook page .

Brad Aho First to get 2020 Campaign Underway

As we turn our attention to the 2020 elections, we note that three people well known to us in Senate District 49 already have campaigns officially underway.

Brad_Aho.jpgFirst to announce was Brad Aho, a member of the Eden Prairie city council for 16 years, when he declared his candidacy for Hennepin County Commissioner in District 6. District 6 includes Edina, Hopkins a portion of Eden Prairie, and much of the Lake Minnetonka area.

Brad Aho made his intentions clear back on September 30 on the Twin Cities New Talk radio station. Back in February, he was the featured speaker at our February dinner program. He spoke then about how Eden Prairie was dealing with the need for affordable housing and the consequence of higher density.

Brad points to his long experience on the Eden Prairie city council as solid preparation for serving as a Hennepin County Commissioner. “I've worked with residents and city staff to increase efficiency and effectiveness to keep our property taxes affordable for residents and businesses all while continuing to improve city services. The city has received numerous awards, including the Best City in the Nation to live and retire, the Digital Cities Award for the innovative use of technology, and is financially sound with a AAA bond rating.”

Information on Brad Aho’s candidacy can be found on his website  and his Facebook page .

Bloomington Council To Vote Nov. 18 on Trash Rate Hikes

The Bloomington City Council will hold a public meeting Monday evening, November 18, at 7 PM to hear public comments on proposed rate increases for trash and recycling. The hikes will amount to as much as 14% on the bi-monthly trash bill and 10% on the monthly “curbside clean-up” fee.

These proposed 2020 increases are coming at the same time as increases in the water and waste water rates and property tax rates. All of which are running much higher than the rate of inflation and just after municipal elections.


If these increases strike you as a bit steep, you no longer have your vote as leverage. Now, your recourse is to show up at City Hall Monday night at 7 PM and let your voice be heard. The city council meeting agenda lists the public comment period as following the Consent Business. Whether you can attend or not, you might want to have a conversation with your Council representative, prior to the meeting. Here is the link to their contact information .

Regarding the status of the court cases being argued on behalf of the citizens’ group called “Hands Off Our Cans”: the last oral arguments in front of the Minnesota Supreme Court occurred in June. While the Supreme Court is under no firm requirement to hand down a decision within a set time period, one typically is released within five months. For that reason, a decision is expected to be released shortly.

National Convention Delegate Process, 2020 Key Dates

As we look toward the 2020 state and National elections, here are a few key dates for your calendars.

JPG_RNC_Charlotte_2020_Logo.jpgNOW – Begin considering whether you have the interest and financial resources to attend the Republican National Convention, which will be held in Charlotte, NC August 24-27, with travel days Aug 23 & 28. A delegate or alternate would need to be prepared to spend $3000 – $5000 for the week, and likely will have some expenses as they seek election. Those who want to run for election as delegate/alternate (36 of each, 3 per CD and 12 Statewide) must submit their declaration of intent packet by February 29, 2020 (rules agreement, self-nomination form, agree to 2 reference-checks). CLICK HERE to view or download the packet which may be turned in at any time before February 29.  December update- MN GOP says: Early packet submissions are much appreciated, so the required reference-checks can be started, and workload spread out.  The packet includes details regarding the convention costs and the timing of financial commitments as well as a contact for more information.

If you’re curious about the logo, you may read more about it at the national GOP site, HERE

Generic_Voter_Registration_Drive.jpgNOW – Encourage voter registration. The state does not require training on how to conduct voter registration drives, and does not have age, background, or notification restrictions. However, MN GOP is encouraging all to attend training to ensure awareness of the basic rules/laws around the effort.

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