Bloomington Police C.O.V.E.R. Goal: Prevention

COVER_Program_smaller_file_image.jpg“If only we’d known how to get help for them” is the sad phrase Bloomington police hear from family and friends as they respond to about 10 deaths by suicide each year. The Bloomington Police Department is rolling out a program called Crisis Or Violent Extremist Reporting (C.O.V.E.R) to provide a quick resource.

One goal of the new anonymous tip-line (952-563-HOPE (4673)) is to give family, friends and neighbors a simple single phone number as a way to raise their concerns regarding a community member.

“If we can intervene early enough to prevent even one suicide, this program’s worth the effort”, said Deputy Police Chief Mike Hartley as he and Chief of Police Jeff Potts were interviewed by SD49 GOP Newsletter writers.

The tip-line is intended to be a simplified one-call local number for all situations. It may be used to ask for Police / social-worker expert help for any situation when it’s thought that a person may cause harm to themselves or others. The goal is not to arrest the individual who is suicidal or threatening, but rather to intervene early and prevent a “crisis” situation. The Police hope this will help both their officers and community members say “We did everything we could”.

Calling 952-563-HOPE may also be used to anonymously report concerns that someone may be planning / threatening an attack on others – from a family member or an ex-romantic partner to a school, a public event, or a shopping area. With Bloomington home to the Mall of America, visited by millions yearly, the Bloomington Police want to be proactive in deterring terrorist/mass-attack threats.

Anonymous tip lines can be abused. Chief Potts is well aware of “swatting”, the prank calls to police reporting a situation that falsely mobilizes a SWAT team simply to harass another community member.

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MN Supreme Court to Hear Voter Data Case Nov. 5

MN_Supreme_Court_Judges_SC_6-6-18_Web.jpgFittingly, on election day Nov. 5, the MN Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments regarding release of public voter data.

The case is Minnesota Voters Alliance (MVA) v. Secretary of State (SOS) Steve Simon and the hearing will be Tuesday, November 5, 2019, at 9:00 a.m., in the 2nd-floor courtroom at the State Capitol Building, 75 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, St. Paul, MN 55155.

MVA v. Simon is a landmark case involving the Secretary’s refusal to provide the public with full voting information on every voter (as the law requires), so the public can effectively evaluate the Secretary of State’s performance and assess the true amount of ineligible voting that continues to occur in our elections.

So far, four judges have reviewed the case. Most recently, on April 15, 2019, a panel of the Minnesota Court of Appeals upheld the Ramsey County District Court decision and ruled 3-0 in favor of MVA, that election records in the Statewide Voter Registration System (SVRS) are public data and must be released by Secretary of State Steve Simon.

The MVA seeks the same ruling won previously, namely, that the Secretary must stop hiding critical, public data on elections and turn the data over to the public. Secretary Simon's arguments are the same logical contortions and strained assertions that have failed in the lower courts.

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Lincoln-Reagan Dinner An Energized Evening

For_Newsletter_Julia_T_and_Nancy_C_2.jpgThe Minnesota GOP showcase event of the season, the annual Lincoln-Reagan Dinner, went off perfectly on Friday evening October 11 in the main Ballroom of the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis.

For_Newsletter_Trish_and_Russ_Burnison_with_Randy_Sutter.jpgAn enthusiastic crowd of Republican supporters and activists, including many from SD49 and SD50, gathered to enjoy conversation, an occasional adult beverage, and a leisurely perusal of an impressive array of silent auction items contributed to further the State organization’s fundraising goals.

The Emcee for the evening’s festivities was former WCCO weather forecaster Paul Douglas, who surprised (almost) everyone in the hall when he revealed himself as a “Born Again Christian” and political conservative! For_Newsletter_JoAnn_H_and_others.jpgHis recount of his experiences as a TV weather man, and a very early investor in GPS technology, along with his sense of humor and easy presentation style, made the evening flow pleasantly and enjoyably for everyone in the hall.

As the dinner portion of the evening’s agenda got underway, we all enjoyed greetings and speeches from leaders including MnGOP Chair Jennifer Carnahan, Congressman Tom Emmer and others as the hotel staff served a sumptuous dinner to a packed hall.

For_Newsletter_Liz_Cheney_better_image.jpgThe featured speaker, Congresswoman Liz Cheney from Wyoming, eloquently described her experiences dealing with a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives that has no agenda other than obstruction and “Resistance”. She described several instances that illustrated their complete lack of even the slightest scruple or hesitation in choosing tactics to prevent the administration from achieving any of the goals that Americans voted them into office to accomplish, and then contrasted that with the way business was done in years past.

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Crowds Turned Out for Rally and Watch Party

For_Newsletter_Volunteers_at_Rally.jpgA number of Republicans from Senate District 49 made their way to Target Center to be part of a high-energy rally for President Trump on October 10. Many went early and volunteered.

For_Newsletter_Line_Starts_Here.jpgMany more stood in line to be part of the big event. They were not disappointed. CLICK HERE  to see a video of the President greeting the thousands waiting for him to speak.

Trump supporters also filled the Club Room at Poor Richard’s Commonhouse in Bloomington on Thursday evening, October 10. Over 70 people registered in advance, and many more came to watch President Trump's rally in Minneapolis streamed live on the big overhead screen. CLICK HERE  to view a short video of the good people at Poor Richard’s.
The turnout in both locations demonstrated the high level of support that the President still enjoys in Minnesota going into 2020.

Great crowds for Bloomington Parade 2019

For_Newsletter_Our_Parade_Unit.jpgThe parade-watchers for the 2019 Bloomington Heritage Days Parade were generous with their smiles and we heard numerous “go Trump” calls. And the children were delightful as they each politely said "Thank you" for the candy  & stickers handed out by our SD49 GOP group. 

More than 20 enthusiastic Republicans joined together for the Bloomington Heritage Days Parade on September 21. Our message of pro-family, pro-growth received many friendly waves, thumbs up gestures and shouts of “go Trump”. Our group was a little smaller this year as some volunteers joined our recommended local candidates, Ryan Kulka, running for Bloomington Mayor, and Al Noard, running for Bloomington City Council.

We were pleased to have candidates join us as well:

  • For_Newsletter_Kendall_Qualls_with_two_from_SD49.jpgKendall Qualls, in center at right, Republican candidate seeking endorsement in 2020 for Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District seat in the U.S. Congress
  • Lacy Johnson, pictured on right below (click it for video), a candidate seeking the 2020 Republican endorsement to run for Congress in the 5th District
  • Susan Woodruff, pictured above holding her sign, now running for City Council in Bloomington’s 2nd District.

Lacy_Johnson_at_parade.jpgThough the weather was sketchy, our committed volunteers chanced the threat of rain to drive their vehicles after outfitting them with signs and patriotic decorations: Dave Temply on his Spyder motorcycle, Carol Kerr in her red Mercedes convertible carrying the elephant balloon, and John Ward in his red Mustang convertible. Russ Burnison, SD 49 Executive Committee Co-Chair, provided the parking lot space to get everyone ready, loaded and then shuttle to our staging position. Thanks to you all!

THANK YOU to every person who walked with us.   And "WELL DONE" to the team of volunteers (at right) who wrestled the inflatable elephant into place. 

For_website_elephant_wrestling_IMG_3233.jpgThanks also to our parade organizers and to the well-wishers who cheered us on along the parade route. We invite all area Republicans to plan to walk with us next year!


More photos are below.

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CPAC in MN Informs and Inspires

For_Newsletter_SaraCarter_MattSchlapp_CPACMN.jpgOn September 11, 2019 hundreds of MN Republicans and Conservatives gathered at a four-hour CPAC Minnesota event hosted by the American Conservative Union (ACU) Foundation. In response to MN Rep. Ilhan Omar’s “Some People Did Something” comment, the speakers reflected on the 9/11/2001 attacks on the USA.  They highlighted and celebrated the heroism of first responders and citizens around the country then and in the 18 years since. They also discussed what’s happening today that threatens freedom, and advocated thoughtful actions to counter those threats.

Congressman Jason Lewis, newly announced candidate for US Senate in MN, spoke resoundingly in support of the Constitutional limits imposed on the Federal government, including the vertical limits reserving powers to each of the States, or to the people, and gave the historical context for those.  “Due process, the rule of law, the presumption of innocence, probable cause / warrants for wire taps and all the procedural safeguards that are in that little piece of paper that keeps us free (the Constitution) are on the chopping block” when today’s Socialist-advocates, who believe the ends justify the means, are seeking power.  The Constitution is ignored.

Congressman Lewis also got some of the biggest chuckles of the evening when he referred to “the Squad” as a group that makes Nancy Pelosi look like a moderate, and the MN Congressional delegation (with one exception) as “the greatest collection of misfits since the Star Wars bar scene.”

Views of the current political scene and the upcoming 2020 elections were interspersed throughout the evening.

In addition to investigative reporter Sara Carter and ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp, pictured above, the 18 panel participants included thoughtful writers and activists from across the country.

With so many informative and inspirational speakers, the evening moved by quickly.  A brief break for dinner and a post-event social hour gave ample opportunities to meet interesting fellow Minnesotans.

We've provided a link to the event video below, along with a list of the speakers and timestamps to help you more easily navigate.

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MN GOP is Hiring

VP_Pence_in_MN.jpg2020 is an important election year for Republicans here in Minnesota. Our state party is working to build the army of campaign workers needed to help re-elect President Trump and elect Republicans up and down the ballot.

MNGOP is currently looking for more members to join the team, so if you or someone you know would be interested in interning in the MNGOP Headquarters or working as a Field Organizer, send them our way.

These positions are great opportunities to talk to voters, learn about political organizing and help spread the Republican message. You may even get the opportunity to meet the Vice President like two of our recent interns, pictured at left.

To apply for a Field Organizer position, send your resume

To apply for an internship, send your resume to

State Fair Booth Very Popular with MN Republicans

Kendall_Qualls_at_State_Fair.jpgThe MN GOP booth at the State Fair was a hit! Enthusiastic crowds of fair visitors from all over the state streamed into the booth, rain or shine. A number of volunteers worked with a few MN GOP regulars to help with registering voters, selling popular Trump merchandise, or taking pictures.

Jason Lewis announced his candidacy for Senate from the MN GOP Booth. Rob Barnett, also campaigning for Senate from a booth around the corner, was a frequent visitor. Kendall Qualls, pictured at left, candidate for Congress in CD3, spent time over three days talking with voters.

Tom_Emmer_Patti_Meier_Barb_Sutter_at_State_Fair.jpgThe booth was also a frequent stop for national and state legislators. Congressman Tom Emmer, right, standing with State Party Secretary Barbara Sutter and Congressional District 3 Chair Patti Meier, was the highlight one day. Republican leaders at the State Capital dropped by to talk with fair-attendees. The reception overall was genuinely positive. It was, however, marred August 23 by a blatant assault that really reflects the difficulty our opponents have in conducting civil discourse.

A sincere thanks to all who tirelessly worked to make the MN GOP Booth an exciting place to be at the State Fair!

Is Bloomberg Paying to Play in AG Ellison’s Office? Seaton and UMLC is Suing to Find Out

Liberal billionaire Michael Bloomberg is pursuing a new route to push his agenda on gun control and radical environmentalism. Funding political campaigns is expensive, and his chosen candidates don’t always win. The Wall Street Journal reported last year that Bloomberg has been staffing attorneys in state Attorneys General offices, with the intent to influence the direction of policy in the states where the state AG allows him in.

Specifically, NYU Law School’s State Energy and Environmental Impact Center (SEEIC) was created after a $6 million grant from Bloomberg, and now aims to offer its services to state AG offices.

Ellison_(2).jpgThe reason this is troubling is best stated by the WSJ’s editorial board:
“The ethical problems here should be obvious. Private interests are leveraging the police powers of the state to pursue their political agenda, while a government official is letting private interests appear to influence enforcement decisions. None of this is reassuring about the fair administration of justice.”

According to the Wall Street Journal at the time of the article in late 2018, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, Illinois, and the District of Columbia had brought in a “special assistant attorney general” from the Bloomberg-funded SEEIC.

AlphaNews, in an article published on August 17, reported that Attorney General Keith Ellison’s office may be added to the list. Upper Midwest Law Center (UMLC) has been seeking information about the involvement of the Bloomberg-funded lawyers in Ellison’s office, information that Ellison has so-far refused to release.

In a press conference UMLC President Doug Seaton announced plans to sue the MN AG Keith Ellison’s office over the issue.

“This is not a fishing expedition because we know these [Bloomberg-funded] lawyers are there,” Seaton said.


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Lacy Johnson Announces for US Congress in MN05

Lacy_Johnson_for_Congress.jpgLacy Lee Johnson announced his candidacy for Congress on August 15 in Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District.

Johnson has been a resident of North Minneapolis for over 40 years. He was born in Natchez MS where his mom, dad, and elders raised him, his six sisters and three brothers. Lacy has been married to his wife Betty for 40 years and together they raised two sons, Darien and Adrian.

Lacy Johnson believes in the values of hard work, personal responsibility, and strong families. His resume on his campaign website  is long and his accomplishments are extensive.

Johnson is a strong critic of the incumbent Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. He believes his community of North Minneapolis and its people are among the best in Minnesota, and he doesn’t believe that they are well-represented by Omar and those that have preceded her.

“There are persistent problems and issues which have gone unresolved for decades in Congressional District 5 (CD5). I have unique skills, experiences, accomplishments, and relationships to develop visible, measurable, result-focused solutions.”

In announcing his campaign, Johnson said, “I want to work hard towards achievement of the American ideals of freedom, justice, and happiness by helping each individual (be) the best he or she can be in the pursuit of happiness…with a realization that the best leaders are first and foremost servants of the people.”

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