SD50 Endorses Dean Mumbleau for MN Senate

Dean_Mumbleau.jpgDean Mumbleau, from Richfield, was recently endorsed by the Senate District 50 Republicans as their candidate for the MN Senate. His campaign website is We asked him to tell us about himself  & his reasons for running.

My name is Dean Mumbleau. I am the Republican candidate for the Minnesota Senate District 50. My wife Margie and I have resided in Richfield since the fall of 2008. Between the two of us, we have five children and two grandchildren. I'm in this race because I am concerned about the state's continuous move towards socialism.

I'm also very concerned about the lawlessness that we've experienced over the last several months, where large groups of individuals were allowed to riot, burn, and pillage with silent approval from our Democrat leaders. I'm against the pandering and silent support of these violent groups, such as Antifa.

I'm also against the removal of our historical monuments by criminal acts of a few individuals, here again with the silent approval from our Democrat leaders. These monuments belong to all of us, and if removed, it should be by the proper method.

I consider myself a constitutionalist, I'm a Conservative, Pro-business, pro-police, pro-life and pro-gun rights, and I'm without doubt your pro-law and order candidate.

My vision of what the Republican Party should project during this election year is to be the party that is color blind and inclusive, a voice for equality and freedom for everyone. We need to promote safe neighborhoods, faith, and family, Jobs, education, health care, and effective police reform.

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Large Crowd Cheers Opening of CD3 Victory Office


Nearly 200 excited supporters cheered the opening of the Republican Victory Office in Wayzata on Saturday morning, July 11. Congressional District 3 Chair Patti Meier kicked off the event. She was followed by Congressman Tom Emmer, US Senate candidate Jason Lewis, US Congress candidate Kendall Qualls, MN GOP Chair Jennifer Carnahan, and Trump Victory Team Deputy Director Tyler Newcombe.

The attendees eagerly picked up Kendall Qualls lawn signs, which are popping up around the 3rd Congressional District. They are available for installation by going to the Kendall for Congress campaign website. Check with the Jason Lewis team for his Senate campaign lawn signs. You may also email SD49GOP for lawn signs for these and for Brad Aho, candidate for Hennepin County Commissioner in District 6.

Ranked Choice Voting Rejected, City Council Continues to Study

Rank_Choice_Voting_Reality.jpgNormally the Bloomington Charter Commission meets annually for business in the month of May. During this time of COVID shut down, civil unrest, and a difficult forum for public participation, the Charter Commission has met a total of three times (so far) this year: May 7, June 11 and July 9th.

The first meeting held May 7th, dealt with the court-mandated organized garbage referendum and its confusing language for presentation on the November ballot. There will be more on this another time. The latter two meetings were specifically to address the City Council ordinance regarding Ranked Choice Voting (RCV). It appears that the City Council, without articulating a compelling reason, deems a drastic change in the way we have voted for years is necessary and urgent enough to be on the ballot this year.

The second Charter Commission meeting, which was public via teleconference, was held June 11th and was summarized in our June 22 article. While the motion to accept the ordinance FAILED due to a tie, much confusion about the Commission’s action ensued.

Last newsletter we notified you of a new Special Charter Commission Meeting called for July 9th and you responded with letters, emails and voicemails to Commissioners. I was told the city secretary was overwhelmed and I believe it made a difference.

Here’s what happened at the July 9th meeting, (a video recording of that meeting can be reviewed here) and what to expect next. 

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Sign-Up for Lawn Signs

images_2020_yard_sign.jpgUpdated Sept 17 2020

For Jason Lewis, Kendall Qualls, Lacy Johnson and Joe Thalman, as well as Donald J Trump

You can show your support for candidates by hosting a yard sign. If you live in Bloomington, Edina, Richfield or SE Eden Prairie, we here at SD49 will be happy to provide the sign and install it.

Please let us know by emailing with your name, address, telephone number, and signs that you wish to host. They may be available in small size (18 in. x 24 in.) or medium size (3 ft. x 4 ft.). Include the size you would prefer.

If you live in other Metro-area cities or elsewhere in Minnesota, please contact the campaigns directly or arrange to visit their offices using the following information:

Jason Lewis (State-wide)

They have signs at their HQ which is located at: 3140 Neil Armstrong Blvd, Eagan, MN 55121. If you would like to come and pick some up there, please email their HQ staff at

If you are not able to come to their HQ please fill out this form and one of Jason Lewis’ staffers will reach out to you. They may not have signs near you but are doing their best to distribute them at local Republican party offices or Trump Victory offices throughout the state. Here is the link:

Kendall Qualls (Congressional District 3)

Thank you for your support. You can come by the office in Wayzata or they can arrange for installation - whichever is better for you. To request installation use this form on the campaign website.

Office Address:
600 Twelve Oaks Center
Suite #650
Wayzata, MN

Lacy Johnson (Congressional District 5)

To request a yard sign, use this page from the campaign’s website.

Donald J Trump

There are Trump Victory Offices throughout Minnesota with signs available. View the map at Expand-in on Minnesota and click on the red dots or T’s to see an office address near you. The HQ is located in Eagan.
3140 Neil Armstrong Blvd, Eagan, MN or message from FB


Bloomington Special Meeting July 9 on Ranked Choice Voting Excludes Comment

Rank_Choice_Voting_Reality.jpgThe Bloomington Charter Commission will hold another teleconferenced Special Meeting at 7 PM, July 9.  Besides approval of the prior meeting minutes, the only item on the agenda is "Discussion on Unfinished Business Related to Ranked Choice Voting". 

There is no indication that public comment will be allowed.  To view the meeting packet on the city website select it from the upcoming meetings document list, CLICK HERE

To listen to the meeting by phone: 1-415-655-0001, Access code 133 844 2852

Our previous articles about RCV are in the Opinion section:




Brad Aho Excelled at LWV Forum for Hennepin Co. District 6 Candidates

Brad_Aho_for_Hennepin_Cty_Commissioner.jpgThe Leagues of Women Voters of Edina, Minnetonka-Eden Prairie-Hopkins, South Tonka and Wayzata-Plymouth Area hosted a Hennepin County Commissioner District 6 Candidate Forum on June 18th. The 90-minute forum was conducted via Zoom without a live audience.

Six candidates are vying for the District 6 commissioner position. They are Brad Aho (Republican-endorsed), Dario Anselmo, Carmella Doby, Chris LaTondresse, Cheri Sudit and Kimberly Wilburn. Absentee voting is already underway for the August 11 Primary Election. The two candidates who receive the most votes will move on to the General Election on November 3.

District 6, encompasses Deephaven, Northern Eden Prairie, Edina, Excelsior, Greenwood, Hopkins, Long Lake, Minnetonka, Minnetonka Beach, Northern Mound, Orono, Shorewood, Spring Park, Tonka Bay, Wayzata and Woodland.

Sen. Scott Jensen Investigated for COVID-19 Statements

Sen._Scott_Jensen__MD.jpgSen, Scott Jensen (R, Carver County) released a video yesterday (July 5) in which he states that he is under investigation by the MN Board of Medical Practice because of public statements he had made. Two allegations were listed: spreading misinformation regarding the completion of death certificates and providing reckless advice in his willingness to compare COVID-19 with the flu.

Scott Jensen has been a family doctor for 40 years. Five years ago, he was named “Family Doctor of the Year”. Four years ago, he was elected to the MN Senate. He is considered a moderate when it comes to many aspects of politics in St Paul. However, when it came to the state’s reporting on the impacts of the pandemic, he spoke up about the need for full and transparent accounting. His YouTube videos such as this one from March 24 have been very clear and compelling.

He states that his whole intent was to provide some context, by comparing it to the flu. He points out we have had 34,000-40,000 cases of COVID-19 so far this year. In comparison, Minnesotans had more than half a million cases of the flu in 2018.

So why is he under investigation? Dr. Jensen simply states, “A couple of people complained. And I don’t get to know who those people are.” However, listen to his discussion  (from April 29) with Kevin Roche entitled, “Taking the Panic out of Pandemic” and decide for yourself who might want to silence Jensen.

As Dr. Jensen stated July 5 in the video, “If this can happen to me, my view is that this can happen to anybody.” He closed by saying, “We had better all stay engaged.”

Dr. Jensen announced last year that he did not intend to run again for the MN Senate in 2020.

Kendall Qualls Speaks Up for Vulnerable People Impacted by Minneapolis Riots


On May 29, Kendall Qualls was interviewed by Tucker Carlson for a segment on Carlson’s television program. Qualls was asked for his response to the protests and rioting that had, by then, reached its fourth day.

He started out by expressing his outrage at what he saw in the video of George Floyd dying while in police custody. “My heart goes out to George Floyd and his family.”

Qualls acknowledged the legitimate protests by black and white members of the community who want justice for George Floyd.

He also called out those that “are not there to protest. They are being mislabeled as protesters, and they are not. They are taking advantage of the situation for their own gain, causing chaos and anarchy.”

However, he paid special attention to a third group, “the people you don’t see in the videos. These are the most vulnerable citizens right now. Senior citizens in those homes. Single mothers who actually want a different direction for their children, that want them to escape those communities, much like I did.”

Tucker Carlson then said that we can all defend legitimate protest, even if we disagree with the subject. He went on to ask, “But this is different, isn’t it?”

Kendall Qualls replied, “Unfortunately, so. And the tragedy of this is that the whole topic of discussion, the attention, is driven toward these activities and not justice for George Floyd, his memory, and his family. It is all now about law and order. We have seen this consistently in this country.

And if anything, for these people that we never hear about, that we never hear their voice, these that are most vulnerable. They are wishing that the taking control of the city, taking control of the situation, could have happened much sooner.”

Inspiring Candidates Turn-out for Pints & Pent-Up

Pints_and_Pent_Up.jpgSouthwest metro Republicans held their fourth Pints & Pent-up Zoom meeting on June 8 with a stellar group of candidates and campaign representatives on board.

Thomas Knecht of the Kendall Qualls campaign led off describing volunteer opportunity to write and send out post cards to introduce Qualls to neighbors and friends.

Brad Aho followed, pointing out we should all be concerned about the long-term consequences of defunding the Minneapolis police. He said that our help would be important in ensuring that he finishes at the top of the upcoming Hennepin County District 6 primary.

Lacy Johnson, Republican-endorsed candidate for US Congress, was our featured guest. He said that he will be working hard to give voters in the 5th Congressional District a clear alternative to Ilhan Omar. He reported that the lack of DFL condemnation of the looting and property destruction in the south Minneapolis business areas has been particularly telling. He would appreciate the names and addresses of anyone that would want to host one of his lawn signs ahead of the August primary.



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SD 49 Precinct Leaders Meeting Coming Soon

paper-boats-on-solid-surface-194094.jpgThis year is shaping up to be a uniquely important election year. We have some of the strongest candidates we have fielded in recent memory, and it has been a challenge for them to reach out and meet the voters. We need to do whatever we can to help.

If you were elected a leader in your precinct during the February caucus, we will be sending you an invitation to meet with our candidates and talk about our options. More than ever, this year you will be a critical part of their campaigns.

So watch your email inboxes for our call to join a Zoom meeting in the next few days. Let’s make a difference this year!

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