Daudt Calls for Investigation of Voter Fraud Allegations

Daudt_portrait_2020.jpgProject Veritas released two videos in late September, purporting to show individuals running a ballot-harvesting scheme out of two Minneapolis high-rises. A source quoted in the video claimed that one of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s staffers is central to the operation and even pays voters for their ballots.

On Monday, September 28, Republican House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt called on Secretary of State Steve Simon to conduct a “full and robust investigation” following allegations of systemic voter fraud in Minneapolis.

Alpha News reported that Simon had not publicly commented on the allegations as of Monday night, but Daudt and state Rep. Jim Nash, the Republican lead on the House Subcommittee on Elections, requested a response from his office by Friday, October 2.

“As Minnesota’s top election official, you have a responsibility to ensure fairness and integrity of our elections,” they said.

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Absolute Power Corrupts: $7 Million “Morgue”

Nash_ONeill_Benson_House_Rep_Caucus.jpgOn September 30, the Minnesota House Republican Caucus released a video that Governor Walz apparently does not want our mainstream media to see.
Using his self-declared emergency powers, Gov Walz authorized the purchase of a large warehouse in May. Without consulting with the state legislature, the governor determined that the $7 million purchase was required to handle a significantly large number of dead Minnesotans, based on projections of a hastily-constructed public health model.

After the purchase, the state-owned “morgue” has been off-limits to the public until Representative Jim Nash (R, Carver County), Representative Marion O'Neill (R, Maple Lake), and Senator Michelle Benson (R, Ham Lake) were finally allowed to tour it. What they found were pallets and pallets of such things as disposable isolation gowns.

The takeaway: it was an unnecessary use of taxpayer funds, was never and will never be used for its intended purpose, and is a shining example of why the legislature needs to be involved in these decisions — governing by the whims of one man is not working.

Bloomington Seeking Community Response to Budget Shortfall

Bloomington_Budget_Comment_Sessions_Illus.jpgBloomington is facing a multi-million dollar budget shortfall as a result of the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and related restrictions imposed on the travel, entertainment, and retail businesses. To ensure budget discussions reflect community preferences, the City Council appointed a Community Budget Advisory Committee (CBAC) in May, 2020.

The advisory committee is made up of nine members who have knowledge of municipal budgets and City government. The Community Budget Advisory Committee was chartered to engage community members and review the City’s budget and services to provide recommendations to address the budget challenges.

In September, the committee asked what services matter most to residents. In October, the committee will present budget reduction recommendations to the community for comment.

Two online feedback sessions will be conducted via Zoom to gather feedback. Per the city website  - Registration to participate is required.
- Thursday, October 15 from 6:30 - 8 p.m. Register HERE
- Saturday, October 17 from 10 - 11:30 a.m. Register HERE
Bloomington residents may also respond to on-line surveys at Bloomington's Lets Talk webpage
Three scenarios will be presented to the City Council in November, 2020.

Joe Thalman Endorsed by Police Organizations

Joe_Thalman_portrait_with_flag.jpgAs a candidate for the MN House in District 49B, Joe Thalman has stressed the importance of public safety and security. His support for local police forces has been unwavering. He knows that police have challenging jobs today. A lot is expected of them, and he wants them to know that he has their back.

Logo_Mpls_Police_Officers_Federation.jpgIn recognition of his support, the Minnesota Police & Peace Officers Association and the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis have both voted to endorse Joe Thalman for election to the Minnesota House.

Postcard Campaign for Qualls Making A Difference

writing_a_letter_sketch.jpgVolunteers have stepped up and written over 4,500 post cards supporting Kendall Qualls, the GOP endorsed candidate for Congressional District 3.
Never doubt that it is having an impact. This came from one recipient:

“Not sure this will get to Kendall, but I got your postcard in the mail, and while I think Dean Phillips seems like a good guy and intelligent (per the phone town-halls), I'm not sure he addressed many of the concerns that he suggested he heard (for instance, a small business owner raised a concern that the $600 bonus in unemployment benefits was causing him to not be able to afford to rehire employees, because they were making more on unemployment than working. Dean said he can relate as a business owner himself, and that it will be addressed in future discussions.

“At this point it feels like a lie, and I'm a working person. And 100% voting record with Pelosi? Right now that doesn't seem like a very good thing. Clearly he's a hard line Dem 1st, constituents 2nd.

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Many Ways You Can Help Republican Candidates

Door_Knockers_Needed.jpgElection Day is less than six weeks away.  Early voting has already started.  The election this year will have consequences at all levels, from the President to the Congress and MN Legislature.  There are also important initiatives on many of the local ballots that cannot be ignored.  This is not a time to sit on your hands and resign yourself to whatever happens.  Step forward and work for the outcome that supports your values.

Senate District 49 has a number of ways you can get involved.

- Door Knocking.  Volunteers will meet every Saturday morning thru Oct.31.  We use a smart phone application to make our efforts more effective.  We will have campaign literature to help illustrate our candidates.  The response at the doors we target has most often been positive, but we also go out in pairs to make the process more enjoyable. We need about 30 volunteers every week to contribute 2-3 hours each to door knock. Volunteer for one week, a few or all 6 remaining thru Election Day. We will be meeting at 7600 Parklawn Dr Suite 108 in Edina. Use the Fidelity Bank entrance. For those who need the Advantage Mobile App training, meet at 9:30. For those volunteers who have completed Advantage training, meet at 10:00 to receive literature bags and assigned area

For questions or to arrange other days/times, contact  SD49's Jim Bowen, (360) 927-8301, [email protected]

- Phone Calling. We will soon start calling households that we haven’t reached by door knocking. If you are willing to call from a location in Bloomington to promote our candidates and explain the local ballot initiatives, please write to [email protected].

- Lawn Signs: Candidate signs in your front yard expand their name recognition and signal your endorsement. We know that people are noticing, because several of the signs have been “borrowed”. If you live in our area (Edina, Bloomington or SE Eden Prairie), we are ready to install new ones in your yards and replace any that have gone “missing”. Let us know by contacting [email protected]. Your patience is appreciated, as the demand has been steady, and we frequently need to replenish our supply. (Info regarding lawn signs for those outside our area was recently updated on our website HERE.)

Star Tribune Claims Conspiracy With Poor Fact-Checking and Assumptions

wrong-messages-5238319_640.jpgOn the front page of today’s (9/23) edition, the Star Tribune chose to run an article entitled, “GOP ballot includes 6 endorsing a fiction.” We are compelled to point out that Stephen Montemayor’s article itself includes false statements, suppositions, and inflammatory language that he attempted to pass off as facts.

The article states that “at least a half-dozen Minnesota Republicans running for state legislative seats in November have promoted [emphasis added] the sprawling, false QAnon conspiracy … “. It goes on, “Among (scores of GOP candidates across the country) are six candidates endorsed [emphasis added] by the Minnesota Republican Party …”.

Montemayor assumed that all Republican candidates running for the House and Senate are endorsed. A false assumption. The first candidate cited in the article was not endorsed by the Republican Party.

Montemayor determined that the last candidate mentioned in his article was guilty because he included one sentence in a video statement. The candidate closed his statement by saying, “A lot of people, I suspect, are going to be coming in off the sidelines and voting for the first time, possibly in a long time. So please get involved. Make sure you’re registered to vote. And vote November 3rd like your life depends on it. We are seeking truth and justice, and where we go one, we go all.”

This candidate was never contacted by Montemayor for his story. The candidate does not believe that Satanists and pedophiles run the government. He does not seek to inspire terrorism or violence; in fact, just the opposite. He has never expressed support for QAnon online or encouraged others to join them. Yet the candidate’s last sentence appears to be enough to qualify him, at least in Montemayor's world, as a promoter of the QAnon conspiracy theory.

Let’s put this big ta doo into perspective. Montemayor raises an alarm that six out of 201 seats in the MN House and Senate might be won by people that visit the QAnon website. His DFL sources must truly be concerned that 3% of their colleagues might replicate the kind of rude behavior that DFL candidate John Thompson demonstrated in Hugo.

Montemayor goes on to state that “State Democratic officials have expressed alarm at the prospect that any of the Republicans linked to QAnon could be elected.” What exactly does “linked to QAnon” mean?

Is the Star Tribune suggesting that it is dangerous to cite media sources that might include false statements, suppositions, and inflammatory language?

The Star Tribune should look in the mirror.

MN Senate Candidate Dean Mumbleau Picks Up Key Endorsements

Republican candidate Dean Mumbleau has gained some important endorsements in his run for the MN Senate in Senate District 50 (Richfield and east/central Bloomington).

Minnesota_Police_and_Peace_Officers_Logo.jpg- Dean is pleased to be endorsed by the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association.

- MN Republican House member Steve Drazkowski wrote, “Please support Dean to be the next state senator from Senate District 50! Dean's experience in law enforcement will be very helpful in restoring the rule of law here in Minnesota; Dean understands and respects our constitutions and will protect them as your state senator.”

For_Newsletter_Dean_Mumbleau_and_Zuhdi_Jasser.jpeg- Muslim Reformist Zuhdi Jasser (pictured on the right, with Dean): “I’ve known Dean for a number of years since he reached out to support many of us American Muslim leaders dedicated to real reform against the Islamist threat. When it counted most, he called on Minnesotans to make a clear ideological distinction between regular diverse faithful American Muslims and those like Ilhan Omar who are Islamist theocrats. He is a truly devoted American patriot who has the courage to speak truth to power and will certainly be true and dedicated to his constituents.”

Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee: “We are confident that you will be a strong, steadfast supporter of gun rights in Saint Paul during the 2021-2022 legislative biennium – pushing for our legislative priorities such as Constitutional Carry and Stand your Ground and opposing all facets of the gun control agenda. We will also work with gun owners and other voters in your district to ensure that they give you their full support. Thank you for your strong support of the Second Amendment and your commitment to individual liberty. Please accept our best wishes for a successful campaign. “

Film "Uncle Tom" and Candidates Equally Inspiring September 13

For_Newsletter_Theater_seat_filled_as_Social_Distancing_guidelines_allow.jpgAll available tickets were sold and the crowd enjoyed a special evening on September 13, at the Mann Theater in Hopkins. The rousing speeches of six great Republican candidates were followed by Larry Elder’s thought-provoking film, Uncle Tom.

Even with the state-mandated restrictions imposed to address the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the theater safely accommodated upwards to 120 people. Two strong Republican candidates for Congress spoke live before the movie. Lacy Johnson, running against Ilhan Omar in the 5th Congressional District, and Kendall Qualls, campaigning in the 3rd Congressional District, thanked attendees for their continued support.

MN Senate candidates Diane Napper (SD63) and Dean Mumbleau (SD50) related how important their races are to retaining Republican control of the Senate. MN House candidates Joe Thalman (SD49) and Frank Pafko (HD63) highlighted their support for public safety and the need for trained policing in our neighborhoods

Short videos of each of the candidates who appeared that evening: can be viewed by CLICKING HERE

Uncle_Tom_movie_poster.jpgThe film Uncle Tom takes a different look at being black in America. In this eye-opening film from Director Justin Malone and Executive Producer Larry Elder, Uncle Tom examines self-empowerment, individualism and rejecting the victim narrative. Uncle Tom also walks us through little-appreciated aspects of American History from the perspective of Black Conservatives, an often ignored and ridiculed group.


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Trump Supporters Outnumber Biden Supporters for Duluth Visit

Duluth_Trump_Supporters_Sept_18_For_Newsletter.jpgIs Minnesota’s traditionally Democratic Iron Range in play? Both presidential candidates visited Minnesota on Friday, September 18. President Trump rallied a crowd estimated to be in the thousands at the Bemidji airport, while former Vice President Biden held a much lower-key meeting with representatives of the Carpenters’ Union in Hermantown, near Duluth.

Much has been written about Trump’s appearance in Bemidji. Less has been noted about the Republican turnout for the Biden stop.

MN Republican National Committeewoman Barb Sutter was one of a few hundred happy, flag-waving Trump supporters who lined up on one side of Miller Trunk Highway in Hermantown to greet the Biden entourage as it arrived at the Carpenters’ Hall.

From her vantage point with the Trump supporters, Barb Sutter reported, “On the other side [of the highway], we faced 25 - 30 Biden supporters, some not holding back on their use of foul language, and even a sign or two reflecting the same. Very few of the many cars & trucks driving by seemed to rally to their cause, unlike the horns that honked continually for us, the thumbs-up we were getting, and the Trump flags that were being waved from within the passing vehicles.

“The contrast couldn’t have been greater... We exuded joy. Team Biden seemed filled with anger.

“We all need to get out and vote — along with our friends, neighbors, & family — and ‘Make America Great Again’! I don’t want what we faced across the street from us winning this upcoming election!”

One final telling take-away from Biden’s visit:  this Duluth_Biden_bus_and_ambulance_arrival_Sept_18_For_Newsletter.jpgcandidate for future president may tout the need to minimize crowds during his campaign stops, even banning the press during his visit to the Carpenters’ Union.

However, as can be seen in this video of the arrival of his entourage, he clearly did not distance himself from an ambulance..

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