Sen. Scott Jensen Investigated for COVID-19 Statements

Sen._Scott_Jensen__MD.jpgSen, Scott Jensen (R, Carver County) released a video yesterday (July 5) in which he states that he is under investigation by the MN Board of Medical Practice because of public statements he had made. Two allegations were listed: spreading misinformation regarding the completion of death certificates and providing reckless advice in his willingness to compare COVID-19 with the flu.

Scott Jensen has been a family doctor for 40 years. Five years ago, he was named “Family Doctor of the Year”. Four years ago, he was elected to the MN Senate. He is considered a moderate when it comes to many aspects of politics in St Paul. However, when it came to the state’s reporting on the impacts of the pandemic, he spoke up about the need for full and transparent accounting. His YouTube videos such as this one from March 24 have been very clear and compelling.

He states that his whole intent was to provide some context, by comparing it to the flu. He points out we have had 34,000-40,000 cases of COVID-19 so far this year. In comparison, Minnesotans had more than half a million cases of the flu in 2018.

So why is he under investigation? Dr. Jensen simply states, “A couple of people complained. And I don’t get to know who those people are.” However, listen to his discussion  (from April 29) with Kevin Roche entitled, “Taking the Panic out of Pandemic” and decide for yourself who might want to silence Jensen.

As Dr. Jensen stated July 5 in the video, “If this can happen to me, my view is that this can happen to anybody.” He closed by saying, “We had better all stay engaged.”

Dr. Jensen announced last year that he did not intend to run again for the MN Senate in 2020.

Kendall Qualls Speaks Up for Vulnerable People Impacted by Minneapolis Riots


On May 29, Kendall Qualls was interviewed by Tucker Carlson for a segment on Carlson’s television program. Qualls was asked for his response to the protests and rioting that had, by then, reached its fourth day.

He started out by expressing his outrage at what he saw in the video of George Floyd dying while in police custody. “My heart goes out to George Floyd and his family.”

Qualls acknowledged the legitimate protests by black and white members of the community who want justice for George Floyd.

He also called out those that “are not there to protest. They are being mislabeled as protesters, and they are not. They are taking advantage of the situation for their own gain, causing chaos and anarchy.”

However, he paid special attention to a third group, “the people you don’t see in the videos. These are the most vulnerable citizens right now. Senior citizens in those homes. Single mothers who actually want a different direction for their children, that want them to escape those communities, much like I did.”

Tucker Carlson then said that we can all defend legitimate protest, even if we disagree with the subject. He went on to ask, “But this is different, isn’t it?”

Kendall Qualls replied, “Unfortunately, so. And the tragedy of this is that the whole topic of discussion, the attention, is driven toward these activities and not justice for George Floyd, his memory, and his family. It is all now about law and order. We have seen this consistently in this country.

And if anything, for these people that we never hear about, that we never hear their voice, these that are most vulnerable. They are wishing that the taking control of the city, taking control of the situation, could have happened much sooner.”

Inspiring Candidates Turn-out for Pints & Pent-Up

Pints_and_Pent_Up.jpgSouthwest metro Republicans held their fourth Pints & Pent-up Zoom meeting on June 8 with a stellar group of candidates and campaign representatives on board.

Thomas Knecht of the Kendall Qualls campaign led off describing volunteer opportunity to write and send out post cards to introduce Qualls to neighbors and friends.

Brad Aho followed, pointing out we should all be concerned about the long-term consequences of defunding the Minneapolis police. He said that our help would be important in ensuring that he finishes at the top of the upcoming Hennepin County District 6 primary.

Lacy Johnson, Republican-endorsed candidate for US Congress, was our featured guest. He said that he will be working hard to give voters in the 5th Congressional District a clear alternative to Ilhan Omar. He reported that the lack of DFL condemnation of the looting and property destruction in the south Minneapolis business areas has been particularly telling. He would appreciate the names and addresses of anyone that would want to host one of his lawn signs ahead of the August primary.



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SD 49 Precinct Leaders Meeting Coming Soon

paper-boats-on-solid-surface-194094.jpgThis year is shaping up to be a uniquely important election year. We have some of the strongest candidates we have fielded in recent memory, and it has been a challenge for them to reach out and meet the voters. We need to do whatever we can to help.

If you were elected a leader in your precinct during the February caucus, we will be sending you an invitation to meet with our candidates and talk about our options. More than ever, this year you will be a critical part of their campaigns.

So watch your email inboxes for our call to join a Zoom meeting in the next few days. Let’s make a difference this year!

Qualls Campaign Seeking Help to Reach Post Card Goal

writing_a_letter_sketch.jpg2020 campaigns are picking up steam! After a request for help in our last newsletter, SD49 volunteers stepped up and wrote almost 400 post cards supporting Kendall Qualls, the GOP endorsed candidate for Congressional District 3.

The post cards are a good way of gaining name recognition in our current limited face-to-face environment. The Qualls campaign has a goal of sending out over 4,000 post cards by June 15th and are within arm’s reach of that goal with help from all areas of CD3. We here in SD49 can help them reach that goal with five more volunteers willing to spend the time to write 60 post cards.

Stamped post cards, suggested wording, and pre-printed address labels will be provided to volunteers. Contact SD49's Jim Bowen (360) 927-8301 or to volunteer.

Volunteer Opportunity for Facebook, Twitter Users

facebook.jpgtwitter.jpgSenate District 49 has a few key volunteers who write and publish our newsletter and update our website. We have an opening for a volunteer (or two) who would take charge of our Facebook and/or Twitter posts, posting using our "official" accounts (i.e., doesn't show under your personal timeline). We work collectively on content, and we have a goal to become one of the most active local Republican groups on social media. If you want to give this volunteer role a try, please contact Randy Sutter at 952-856-3028 or

City Local Newspapers Available by Mail, Just Ask

selective-focus-photography-of-a-mailbox-2217613.jpgDid you know that most of us in SD49  & SD50 can get our local Sun Current weekly newspaper delivered by mail, at no cost for either subscription or delivery?  This means that there's no need to separately manage "holds" for delivery when you travel, and also no on-going surprises of where on your property the newspaper arrives  - US Postal service puts the paper in your mailbox.

The reports on local events, government meetings and editorials are of particular interest during this election year.

Edina, Eden Prairie, Bloomington, and Richfield residents can request no-cost delivery of the edition that matches their mail zip code.  Per the newspaper's page "All you have to do is sign up."  You need to review/renew your sign-up every 3 years, so if you were among the first wave to get mailed copies in 2017, it's already time to renew.  CLICK HERE to get to the Sun Current's request page.

Mighty Pens and Voices Needed - Campaigns Heating Up

person-holding-orange-pen-1925536.jpgThe 2020 campaigns are starting to heat up! There is no doubt the 2020 election season will be unique. Candidates are developing campaign strategies without door knocking, rallies, and other face-to-face contacts. SD49 Republicans can help Congressional and Minnesota legislative candidates get the word out.

If you are getting tired of watching endless covid-19 news and want to help a strong Republican candidate, we have a way. You can help Kendall Qualls, the endorsed candidate for US Congressional District 3, right now by volunteering to write post cards with personal messages to SD49 area voters. 

Additional volunteer opportunities will come up as candidates for Hennepin County Commissioner and local Minnesota House and Senate Districts register and get endorsed.

The American Majority has also announced that some part-time paid positions may become available in our area.

Please contact SD49's Jim Bowen ( (360) 927-8301) if you can participate and help our Republican-endorsed candidates.

Joe Thalman Announces for MN House District 49B

Joe_Thalman.jpgLast week, the Senate District 49 Executive Committee voted to ask the MN GOP to issue calls for an Endorsing Convention for House District 49B. Joe Thalman, Bloomington, has announced that he will file to run against DFL incumbent Steve Elkins.

Joe started earning his living early, obtaining a real estate license directly out of high school. He sold apartment buildings while obtaining a degree in Finance from the University of Utah. Upon graduation, he was recruited by Marcus & Millichap and moved to Southern California. He subsequently worked as a property manager for a small private firm, a syndicator, then with the Federal Savings & Loan Insurance Corporation. When the FSLIC was folded into the FDIC, Joe managed a large and diverse portfolio of homes, offices, retail centers, apartment buildings and even a windmill energy farm.

With young children at home, Thalman sought the flexibility of working for himself. He started an aerial photography business, which he operated for 22 years. Joe was named as the International Affiliate of the Year and mentored many new franchisees.

To supplement his income when business was slow, he obtained a commercial driver’s license and passed an extensive background search. Among his clients were several families of Heads of State including The Mubarak family from Egypt and The Al Thani family from Qatar, reportedly one of the wealthiest family dynasties in the world. He met and served an array of very wealthy, very accomplished people and saw an interesting number of places and events along the way.

Joe & his wife moved to the Twin Cities in 2015 when Tina’s daughter (Joe’s step-daughter) was expecting the arrival of twins and already had a two year old to take care of. "I guess you could say that we moved to Minnesota because we are such big fans of the ‘twins’".

Presently, Joe Thalman is semi-retired, managing a few rental properties and investing in the rehabilitation of single-family homes in the metro area. He still drives privately for two clients who fly in for business. Periodically, he delivers large commercial vehicles from the manufacturers to their buyers all over the United States and Canada. He appreciates this opportunity to work and travel freely all over the country in the midst of this lockdown.

Thalman’s schedule is quite flexible allowing him the time to fully pursue the House District 49B seat and to serve the people of this district.

Edina's Budget Shortfall Actions, Developer Variance Decision

Initial_Edina_Cleaners_proposal_view_2.jpgEdina's City Council adopted a resolution at their 5/19/20 meeting to reduce the General Fund Budget. Staff projects a revenue shortfall of $1.4 million this year and has planned to reduce expenses by $2.0 million. This would leave a cushion of $600,000 that will be put in the Budget Stabilization Fund (BSF). The BSF will be used to minimize budget shortfalls in 2021 and 2022.

Edina says that city services will still get done, but not as often. Edina expects that property tax revenues for residential homes will be close to expected. Only about 25% of Edina property tax revenues come from commercial taxes.

Commercial property taxes are ultimately based on the success of those properties. The hospitality industry has been particularly hard hit by the pandemic. Bloomington, with the nearby airport, hotels and Mall of America, has a large exposure to the downturn of the hospitality business. Values of those properties and their tax revenues will be reduced, not only this year, but also over the next several years. That is the reason Bloomington’s City Council is dealing with a larger projected budget shortfall than Edina.

In other action, the Edina City Council discussed a variance request by Lorient, the development constructing housing at the former site of Edina Dry Cleaners at France and Sunnyside. The original agreement was for a 35-seat restaurant. The variance was to increase the restaurant to 100 seats, which required more parking. There is a city ordinance that requires additional parking have a 25-year easement. Lorient only offered a 10-year easement on a next-door property. The variance was denied on this technicality.

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