No to Ranked Choice Voting Campaign Kick Off

By Kathy Kranz, Co-Chair, Senate District 50 Republicans

No_RCV_volunteers_Aug_15.jpgSaturday, August 15th, Bloomington Patriots volunteers visited the Farmer’s Market at Bloomington Civic Plaza to educate about the pitfalls of Ranked Choice Voting replacing our long-standing traditional voting opportunities. Yes, we had our masks with us, and we wore them at various times, but it was a beautiful fresh air kind of day outside. We were very encouraged by the number of people who wanted to know more and spread the word.

A brochure can be found at the RCVscam website for those who want to understand what RCV is and why it is not a good idea. 

More volunteers will be needed for various pop-up campaigns like the one at the Farmer’s Market, phone calling, neighborhood lit drops and sign placements. Please let us know how you can help. We need to “Save Our Vote”. Lawn signs should available by August 22. Please contact Kathy Kranz with your location if you are willing to host a lawn sign.

Small_Cropped_image_only_Logo_No_Ranked_Choice_Voting.jpgThe highly organized and sponsored FairvoteMN has raised $100,000 recently to convert Bloomington and Minnetonka to Ranked Choice Voting. Email Kathy Kranz at [email protected] for more information on how you can help oppose that change.


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  • Anthony Enos
    commented 2020-10-10 15:29:41 -0500
    Your reasons for opposing ranked choice voting do not seem to be authentic or based in anything other than miseducation.

    It would be very convenient for you to oppose this while being a minority population who currently has control of your voting block.
    It would be in your favor to suppress the vote to make your vote more powerful.
    It would be in your interest to oppose a system that gives back favor to the majority vote of an idea.

    Our current system of single choice voting Grant’s favor to the minority when combined with others designed systems like gerrymandering.

    Being against Rank Choice Voting or progressively improving this idea, seems rooted in fear of losing power of ruling over a majority with a minority opinion. You are the minority, you shall not govern the majority.

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