Bloomington Community Center: What Are the REAL Needs?

The Bloomington City Council has a number of significant decisions coming in the near future that will involve substantial cash expenditures.  Last October, the city identified eleven properties that are in “unsatisfactory” condition.  These include Creekside Community Center and five of Bloomington’s six fire stations.

Community_Center.JPGWhile we are certainly dismayed that the city has let critical infrastructure like fire stations deteriorate to such an extent, we certainly support the repair or replacement of any fire station that is in unsatisfactory condition. The Creekside Community Center occupies a sixty-year-old elementary school building that appears to no longer be suitable as a recreational and social facility for seniors. The city claims that upgrades would cost far more than the building is worth. We are willing to concede this point as well.

We are skeptical, however, about the recent decisions that the Bloomington City Council has taken. Faced with eleven properties that are in need of repair or replacement, half of which are clearly high priority, the city leaders appear ready to embark on two major capital projects.

The first is the building of an expensive community center for people of all ages. Earlier this month the Council directed city staff to develop plans for a new community center at the Valley View complex on 90th Street between Nicollet and Portland Avenues, destroying the recently (2012) renovated and highly popular outdoor Family Aquatic Center at the Valley View complex.

Bloomington’s community center has been under study since 2015. It quickly became more than a replacement for the aging center for seniors. Bloomington needed its own community center to rival ones in Eden Prairie and Minnetonka. Existing recreational facilities and meeting rooms in Bloomington schools; the YMCA in Edina; and commercial exercise and training facilities in Bloomington were not fit for the vision.

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Edelson’s Priority? Candidate Tax Returns, Not Program Fraud

Edelson_priorities.JPGMinnesota House Rep. Heather Edelson (DFL, Edina) has had the chance to weigh in on critical issues facing our state in her first term in office. As a member of the Health and Human Services Policy committee, one would think that Edelson would be in the forefront of addressing child care fraud and the effort to grant more independence to the Inspector General from the House and Human Services Department. Sadly, this has not been true.

Instead, we are disappointed to learn that Edelson is co-sponsoring House File 2752, which would require U.S. Presidential Candidates to publicly release their federal tax returns for the last 5 years. Should any Presidential Candidate choose not to publicly release their federal tax returns, the proposed legislation would ban placing the name of that candidate on primary ballots and general election ballots.

So, rather than working hard to stop the illegal use of taxpayer dollars, Rep. Edelson appears focused on national politics. She wants to make public how Presidential candidates, who legally pay their taxes, earn and spend their dollars. And she would ban from the ballot anyone who considers this a blatant invasion of privacy. Guess who she is really targeting!

Yes, elections have consequences. Tell Rep. Heather Edelson where you stand on this issue.

Rep. Elkins Wants More Trains in Your Backyard

As the Legislature took a break, one of our readers asked Rep. Steve Elkins (DFL, Bloomington) about the bill (HF1783) he co-sponsored enabling yet again another study of the Dan Patch freight rail line for mass transit.

As pointed out by Russ Burnison, co-chair of Senate District 49 Republicans, “We have had 2 studies already about putting commuter rail on the freight line from Savage [through Bloomington and Edina] to St Louis Park. Both times it did not go over, so why spend more tax dollars to do it again?”

Dan_Patch_Commuter_Rail.jpgElkins’ response? “We are not talking about commuter rail, we are talking about something like this [picture at right], which is far less expensive and intrusive than commuter rail”.

If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, and quacks like a duck… It sure looks like commuter rail to us!

If it is far less expensive than commuter rail, then why didn’t Elkins, when he was on the Metropolitan Council, push for “something like this” instead of the Southwest Light Rail line?

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Legislative Action Alert - April 9 - Education Omnibus Bill

As you may know Representative Sondra Erickson is the Republican Lead of the House Education Policy Committee. According to Representative Erickson’s legislative aide, the status of HF 1414-“Comprehensive Sex Education.” is that the bill has been rolled into HF 2400-Education Finance Omnibus Bill, to be voted on and sent on to the Senate. The legislative aide said that no further action is planned for the Omnibus Bill, but she also added that the House could bring it up for a vote at any time after April 9.

The problem that each of us needs to address as soon as possible is twofold:

First, the bill advances the DFL’s campaign to completely strip away the right of local communities to control their own Public Schools, by centralizing both funding and curriculum in the hands of the State of Minnesota Department of Education.

And secondly, the bill redefines “Sex Education” to include not just how the human body works to reproduce itself, but a comprehensive and Progressive code of conduct and behavior, almost entirely written by Planned Parenthood and radical LBGTQ groups.

Please look at these links and respond as you think proper:

CLICK HERE to read the text of the bill, HF1414 

CLICK HERE to read and view more from the Child Protection League regarding the bill’s origination, authors and content

CLICK HERE to review additional information on the Child Protection League’s website

We’ve included a list of relevant State Legislators below (Updated May 7 with Conference Committee) should you wish to write or call one or more legislators to voice your opposition to HF 1414 and HF 2400.

In closing, if you decide to express your opinion to these legislators, you don’t need to compose a different email for each representative or senator. We’ve found that sending out an email to all of the members of one committee as a kind of email blitz works just as well. However, each member of the committee should receive a copy of the email; don’t just send an email to the Committee Chair or Republican Lead.

Thank you very much.

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Rep. Carlson Acting Against Civil Forfeiture Reform

By Zavier Bicott, Chair, MN Republican Liberty Caucus

Andrew_Carlson50B.jpgState Representative Andrew Carlson (DFL, Bloomington) does not seem to get that his first responsibility is to defend his constituents' constitutional rights including due process and property rights.

A Minnesotan who has not been convicted or even been charged with a crime should not lose his property through civil asset forfeiture.

But more than 7,000 times a year, Minnesotans are forfeiting property in civil court regardless of whether any criminal prosecution takes place in criminal court.

Sadly, Rep. Carlson supports the continued use of civil forfeiture.

He voted against the forfeiture reform bill, HF 1971, on March 11 in the House Judiciary Finance and Civil Law Committee.


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Rep. Elkins Promises Public Health Care On the Way

Why would the DFL Governor push a more expensive insurance subsidy plan that supports fewer people?

Elkins.jpgRep Steve Elkins (DFL, Bloomington) recently gave a hint in his newsletter to constituents. He claimed that Walz’s plan “includes a temporary funding extension to ensure low-cost coverage to those effected.” (sic)

Elkins was alluding to the DFL plan to extend the provider tax. This tax would be passed on to every patient, adding $1 billion to the cost of health care over the next two years.

Again, why would the DFL want to make private health care even more expensive? Rep Elkins claims that “the Governor is also working on a long-term solution that would deliver an additional, affordable and sustainable public health care option.”

Republicans do not believe that the only option for affordable health care is state-run health care. House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt told The Associated Press that the state can squeeze enough money out of other sources to fund health care programs for people who really need help paying their medical bills. "Everybody in the state campaigned on lowering health care costs, and you can't lower health care costs by raising health care costs." Rep Daudt (R, Crown) said. He went on to say that the state could free up money by making public programs more efficient, eliminating fraud in the state's troubled Child Care Assistance Program and kicking people off public programs who don't qualify.

Gas Tax Won't Fix Potholes

GasTax_Raise_Your_Nozzle_One_Expensive_MN.jpgWhile Governor Walz grandstands with the DFL’s seasonal Spring lies about pothole repairs funding by gas taxes, voices of reason from all sides of the Republican party and our communities point out the facts. Supported by the MN Dept of Transportation’s charts and the non-partisan League of Minnesota Cities, maybe this will be the year that Minnesotans demand truth and accountability from the DFL Legislators and Governor.

In her recent newsletter article “WILL A HIGHER GAS TAX FIX OUR POT HOLES?”  Annette Meeks, Freedom Foundation of Minnesota, noted that Walz’s proposed tax increase “would give Minnesotans the dubious honor of paying the fourth highest gas tax in the nation.” And yet the reality is “Most city, county and township roads are paid for via local property tax. Some communities receive other forms of state aid that help pay for repaving county roads and highways. But keep in mind: 705 Minnesota cities receive 0% of the gas tax.” (* Source: 705 Minnesota cities receive 0% of the gas tax - page 98 of the budget book here )

Before this 2019 session even convened, last December MN Senator David Osmek highlighted the massive transportation increases funded by the 2018 legislative session, and concluded : “We can provide transportation funding in Minnesota without raising taxes. We just need to focus the resources we take from your pocketbook on solutions, not boondoggles.”

The funding facts: “In Minnesota, funding for our roads and bridges does not come exclusively from the gas tax. Our revenue comes from the Highway User Distribution Fund (HUDF), which includes not only gas tax revenue, but also tab fees and sales taxes on your vehicle. For Budget Year 2019, over 60 percent of the revenue will come from outside the gas tax.”



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Progressives "Playing God": All Government, All the Time

As the Minnesota Legislature continues its work in the current session, the consequences of the catastrophic election of 2018 become clearer for all to see. Senate District 49 is now represented by three “Progressive” DFLers whose hard left “all government, all the time” agenda is revealing itself in grotesque detail.

Sanctuary_State_CA.jpgTake the recent introduction by Senator Franzen of a bill to make Minnesota a “sanctuary state” that forbids cooperation and information sharing by local law enforcement with Federal Immigration authorities. This is a major step down the road to the complete corruption of our electoral system. As more illegal aliens, or “undocumented immigrants” if you will, take fuller advantage of the open door that Senator Franzen intends to provide them, the voter fraud machine that DFL Secretary of State Steve Simon is desperately trying to hide from the courts, will soon have them registered and voting for more DFLers. Not to mention the drastic increases in narcotics trafficking, street crime and social spending that California and other sanctuaries have already come to regret.

pills-in_hand.jpgAnd in the Minnesota House, not to be outdone, on March 7th Representative Heather Edelson from 49A introduced a bill to provide for “End-of-Life” options, or Assisted Suicide for the rest of us unwashed rabble. Almost immediately Representative Steve Elkins from 49B jumped aboard as a co-sponsor. This nasty little intrusion into the privacy of your relationship with your doctor commands him or her to inform you of the opportunity you have to commit suicide, when faced with a prognosis that they estimate will leave you 6 months or less to live. Your doctor must offer you the service of writing you a prescription for a lethal dose of something, and leaving it up to you to either take it or not. And, if your doctor has any qualms about obeying this commandment, he must refer you to another practitioner, who may be any medical professional from a surgeon to a licensed practical nurse, who has no such scruples.

Watching all of this, it’s hard not to put it all together with events on the wider screen of developments in the battles at the other end of human life, in places like New York and Virginia. The unspeakable horror of watching the New York State Senate burst into cheers and wild celebrations at the passage of a law to authorize the murder of a born child rings in our ears like a scream in the night. The ghastly tone of arid detachment that the Governor of the State of Virginia used, standing before the news media, to describe how he would deliver a living baby and then calmly confer with the parents to consider its cold-blooded murder, with all of the emotional feeling of a discussion about treating a sprained ankle.

Make no mistake about it, when “Progressives” get into the issues of immigration and the beginning and ending of human life, they are truly playing God! There are real human lives at stake, with real possible futures to be lived or thrown away. And "DFL Progressives" do it with a level of intellectual detachment and banal routine that should send a chill down the spine of anyone with even a passing acquaintance with history.

Melisa Franzen's Recreational Marijuana Bill Goes to Pot

49Franzen.jpgSD49 State Senator Melisa Franzen saw her bill to legalize recreational marijuana rejected by the Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee in a 6-3 vote. Franzen was the chief sponsor of the bill, and has been the leading voice in favor of legalizing the recreational use of marijuana in the Minnesota Senate.

Franzen’s bill was defeated after a public hearing in which opponents of legalization expressed concerns about people driving under the influence and potential for increased access to marijuana among minors.

In a notable display of poor consensus-building skills, Franzen was not able to convince a single Republican to support her bill in committee. Even the Republican co-sponsor of Franzen’s bill, Sen. Scott Jensen of Chaska, distanced himself from Franzen’s bill, commenting at the hearing that he decided he would vote against the legislation.

The defeat of the bill in committee effectively kills consideration of Franzen’s bill in the Senate.

Franzen has made herself a high-visibility spokesperson for legalization of recreational marijuana, although on her campaign website she never mentions marijuana legalization in her section on “Priority Issues.” Why she believes SD49 voters want her to make marijuana legalization her top priority even though she didn’t campaign on it is not clear.

Melisa Franzen on High Taxes: Maybe She Thinks If We’re All High, We Won’t Notice . . .

When she’s not busy promoting legalized pot in Minnesota, Sen. Franzen is letting us all know that high taxes are good. In a recent Alpha News story  “Edina Democrat Melisa Franzen Defends High Taxes In Minnesota,” Sen. Franzen is quoted as saying “They [Minnesotans] know what they’re getting in return with the investments that we make in our roads and bridges and education and workforce.”

Economist John Phelan notes in the article that despite our high taxes which Franzen justifies for roads and bridges, just last fall the American Society of Civil Engineers gave Minnesota a D+ when it comes to road conditions. Phelan concludes “The idea that Minnesotans get value for their high taxes is an article of faith in the state. Sadly, it isn’t supported by the evidence.”

Ironically for Franzen, she serves on the Senate Transportation Finance and Policy committee.


One Expensive Minnesota: Gov. Walz Budget

One_Expensive_Minnesota.jpgThe state budget unveiled by Gov. Walz last week is better described as a blueprint for “One Expensive Minnesota.”

Steve Elkins, DFL representative in SD49 has written, “the Governor’s budget broadly focuses on driving down high health care costs, improving education overall, and ensuring community prosperity.” In fact, it raises the cost of gas, health care, and many of the other goods and services Minnesotans rely on.

In total, it raises taxes by more than $3 billion over the next two years at a time when Minnesota has a $1.5 billion budget surplus.

GasTax_Raise_Your_Nozzle_One_Expensive_MN.jpgGov. Walz is proposing a massive 70% increase in the gas tax. Rep. Elkins describes this hike as a “modest gasoline tax.” In fact, Minnesota’s gas tax would vault the state from #26 to #4 in the size of its gas tax. This regressive tax hits low and middle-income families hardest, and will increase the cost of food, clothing, other goods and services as well.

Gov. Walz’ budget will make life more expensive for all Minnesota families.

Billion Dollar Health Care Tax Hike: Gov. Walz is proposing to reinstate the "provider tax" (actually a "sick tax" since it's a fee added to each patient's bill) which would add more than a billion dollars to the cost of health care over the next two years. You don't lower health care costs by increasing health care taxes.

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